ET Contact and UFO Disclosure – Update 2011

UFO TV Presents: ET Contact and UFO Disclosure – Update 2011

Full disclosure concerning UFOs and Extraterrestrial visitation of planet Earth by our nation’s elected representatives remains an unfulfilled expectation. Officially flying saucers and space aliens are science fiction nonsense. But has an un-official soft-sell, media campaign of governmental disclosure been actively conditioning the public to the reality of extraterrestrial life for the last fifty years? Have the UFO secrets been hidden in plain sight? Join us as we explore the facts.

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  1. Another pile of worthless drivel from the fervid imagination of Jim Nichols. Hasn't he figured it out yet? If the aliens aren't going to disclose themselves, the gubment isn't going to either.

  2. Russian-TRI-angle.spacevessels"better"than usa T series. ufo-tv-vid/ 1211.108 Violations $5,ooo or !! [30:17]no american,flyin-borders.

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