Michio Kaku about Alien invasion

CNN – New interview with Michio Kaku about a possible alien invasion.
Here’s a video:

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  1. I see the kids are playing with the Fake, real buttons again. Michio Kaku is the bomb, if friendly ET's were to show up, I would want Dr. Kaku to lead the First Contact Team.

  2. His ant hill analogy is interesting. No, we wouldn't go to the ant hill and offer them gifts and help. However, if the ant hill was in the way of something as simple as our laying pavement for a new driveway, they would be destroyed without a second thought.

  3. y is this on here………..they asked him a hypothetical question. its not like there are ships heading this way

  4. Love the way the media always go down the path of the world uniting together to fight…the one world army…the new world order…planned alien attack.

  5. why aliens always names as 'enemy', wtf, there are billions of aliens in the univere, are they all 'enemy', bullshit

  6. An invasion could be a part of the plan… Don't be persuaded by one right away, it may be a gov't setup. Just have an open mind and trust your gut.

  7. Yes. I watched Mr. Kaku tell his prognosis. With his open-mindedness there was something BIG that he[they]didn't bring up. Which is : THEY ARE STUDYING US! "THEY" HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR CENTURIES! No matter what ANY government is saying. THERE HAVE BEEN HALF HUMAN/HALF ALIEN PEOPLE LIVING AMONGST US SINCE THE EARLY 1960's! YES! One of the VISITING RACE'S Look like US!!They

  8. The guy above me is right, they hav been watching and studying us for along time now, we are bout to meet our maker. &quot;Life isnt a video game&quot;<br />Then who created our 3d world if theres 5d

  9. This is interesting! =) First of all I think this &quot;alien invasion&quot; approach is very wrong and bad. Its one thing to be careful with who you invite to your house but this is like some kind of &quot;alien racism&quot;. My opinion is that there are good and &quot;bad&quot; aliens in the universe just as there are people on the earth. I think that the &quot;cabal&quot; or &quot;illuminati&

  10. I don&#39;t want to sound paranoid here, but all this coverage in the media now is making me more than a little nervous.<br /><br />I read an article on-line last week by Nick Pope, the bottom line is, that he was warning of a possible false flag Alien invasion, something like the closing ceremony at the London Olympic Games would be a great opportunity to stage this, bringing us together under

  11. If they are monitoring us and not invading, I think there is a chance that human is just some kind of pet or experimental research for them and we were planned like a seed to start with in the first place. Now they are just studying our behaviour, and even take samples of us.

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