War Between Naval Forces and Extraterrestrials Off Antarctica

A scientist allegedly reported a war between extraterrestrials and the naval forces in the waters off Antarctica. The report, which was made available on October 26, 2012, stated that John Kettler, who is a former US military contractor, claimed a war between warships and UFOs coming from underwater bases.

Kettler divulged that warships composting many Asian naval forces are initiating counterattack against a Reptoid foe which he described as extremely aggressive and flesh inter-dimensional. He added that such foe had been preying on people at sea.

John Kettler UFO War
John Kettler

According to Kettler’s biography, his father is a defense engineer who used to work for Hughes (Raytheon) and Rockwell (Boeing) as a military analyst. He has his own website called “John Kettler Investigates” in which he provides updates on the said UFO war. In addition, Kettler gained research credit from a documentary entitled “The Panama Deception.”

On the other hand, Current.com made a poll over the alleged UFO war taking place off Antarctica in which many UFO enthusiasts rejected such claim. Poll results showed majority of the responders are in disbelief of the said war while only 25 percent considered the allegation as a fact.

Furthermore, Trut, a commentator on Current.com, reiterated that the alleged UFO war being waged off Antarctica is no other than a fictional story. He explained that if it is true that UFOs can fly at an incredible speed with super high technology on them, there is no way for humans to fight or at least compete with these superior extraterrestrials.

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  1. What a joke! Extraterrestrials, capable of interstellar travel, being held at bay in Antarctica. You can't be serious! This guy is a pawn in the military industrial complex's plan to militarize the entire planet and space.

  2. Whether or not there was a war, nobody can say, but the existence of these agressive, war-mongering reptoid creatures is pretty firmly fixed. They've been around for thousands of years and in the Bible they were referred to as Satan, the devils, demons, serpents, and dragons. They have no good intentions. Their technology has been described as "fierce."

  3. Don't have any hard fast evidence of such occuring. However, Gordon Duff at Veterans Today published an article last month about there being such a thing off CA coast. Do know from reliable sources that there was a considerable Naval prescence in that area. Also, I read at a number of places that for unknown/undisclosed reasons South facing camaera at Anarctic station had been unavailable for

  4. WOW! watching too many movies, what a way to make money, lying is still lying only in the UFO world can you say something is true like a book of fiction and put on the cover "based on a ture story" and get away with it.

  5. Not sure, or know why Late Admiral Alerigh Burke who orders to US Navy Fleet to expored Both Poles with experiment new way to make new map under water that No man gone before with new Nuclear Submarine. because of that ???

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