Huge cigar-shaped UFO entering Popocatepeti volcano in Mexico – October 2012 + Update!

UFO Volcano
UFO entering volcano

LUFOS – This really amazing UFO sighting was shown on TV news in Mexico, where they stated this cylindrical object was about 200 meters (cca 650 ft) long. This happened over Popocatépetl, an active volcano located in the states of Puebla, State of Mexico, and Morelos, in Central Mexico in October 2012.


1st November 2012 Update:
Video Footage Shows UFO Over Popocatepeti Volcano in Mexico
A video footage that shows a UFO entering the mouth of a volcano in Mexico has caught the attention of many Mexicans. According to sources, the said unidentified flying object measures 3,200 feet long and 600 feet wide. It is reportedly seen entering from the top of the Popocatepeti Volcano, which is reported to have produced thick ash plume after making a big explosion.
Many have also debated over the credibility of the UFO video footage which was uploaded in the famous video-sharing website YouTube. Comments over the video vary from one person to another. Some commenters said that the reported sighting is never true while others asserted that the strange event really happened and even divulged more details of how the event occurred over the volcano.
The Popocatepeti volcano has been speculated to have extraterrestrial activities for many years because of reported UFO sightings. Many believe that there are strange activities in the volcano that they cannot explain. In fact, the claimed sighting in the video is not the first to be reported. Other sightings were reported many years ago that had stunned many Mexicans. Whether the information in the video is true or false, one would still doubt if aliens and extraterrestrials really exist. 
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  1. First of all, would love to hear this in english… Second have there been any reports on whether the volcanos activity is any different? Who took the video??

    • The camera is not shooting every minute as they show parts of the live feed. The object is on screen for 3 frames. If they&#39;re shooting at 30fps, then the object is on the screen for 1/10th of a second and that&#39;s why they slow it down for us to see.<br />

    • i agree.people will not look at the facts.,like it could be going down on the other side of the volcano….an illusion….but,they will think what they want..sooooo gullible

  2. The craft is definately entering Hollow Earth, I feel this was there getting for suppling, the base, that is there, been there for many eons, Volcano will erupt, as will many others around the world, its is time for humanity to stop fightning, and not being a slave culture to the rich families of this world, and governments, its about LOVE OF GOD, LOVE OF PEOPLE, we are just on the verge of a

    • thanks a lot for sharing this here.I`ve been kind of waiting for things/messages or comments like yours.Makes me REALLY happy.I for one totally Love you all too, always did always will.I have something/one speaking out of my mouth since 82 first time.So Im beyond words grateful for your share thanks again.Btw I´ve seen ships from outside Earth since 73..Around a handful of times.And thats cool,

    • I Love You too-Everyone/thing :::))).Beyond words what I feel for your &quot;comment/message&quot;..Been &quot;waiting&quot;for people to wake up since forever hmmmmmmm 1967 Oct..Thanks again &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3

    • MMMMMmmm? is definitely right! If this mother ship is as big as they make it out to be…upon entering the volcano, one might wonder where is the volcanic debris from the impact..? And if the ship was entering at a slow speed, one would wonder–why aren&#39;t the picture(s)/video clip full of details of the actual structure of the ship. Instead all we get to see is a brightly light up

  3. margarita no bad looking chic lol for her age ? didnt understand any of the interview whatsoever the so called mothership which it wasnt shouldve blown up what was well above the volcano dropping this 200 mtre object into molten lava must be some government experiment or a construed fake dont think its an entrance to underground tunnels to bizarre folks not the sign of alien takeovers dont be

  4. that link is at the different cameras observing the volcano…go giv a look at the technical of each one..are STILL CAMERAS..there are NO videos..what the cameras do and tv showing are just frames shot each minute and showed as a video..that makes a huge difference in the analysis..sorry but that&#39;s an hoax for a quick observation of the pixels of the supposed object doesn&#39;t

  5. real or not, irrelevant. obviously there are people who post stuff for their own entertainment. what is clear, is that there is a lot of weird activity going on. perhaps all this stuff has been going on for a long time and we are just being made more aware due to modern technology.

  6. fake photoshop, i wanted to beleive for so long, but its never going to happen, all we have is this crap to look at, we are told disclosure is about to happen……… i bet we are still waiting in another 40 years …… any takers

    • Yup-I bet before 2018 (at the most) we have full disclosure.ButI for one,have been &quot;waiting&quot; since 67.Wont wait 40 more-No freaking way hehheh!!! 😉

  7. ha ha ha thats what i thought of, a big tampon &quot; whats with the shadow beside it, no one mentioned that yet? and the resalutions look totally differant?

  8. This has been very stimulating. It fits in nicely with a busload of experiences I have had, including actual group sightings of five ships in the Himalayas in 1987. I also have had regular visits in my home for 13 months from some invisible beings that have definate force, but no form. I always welcome them warmly. I hope they are looking for someone like me.

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