NASA Photo Shows Dark UFO

It is interesting to know the discovery of an astronomer about NASA. Scott Waring, who formerly affiliated with the military in the U.S., revealed his findings two years ago to the public.
Although, it has been two years already, this finding still has interesting aspect and maybe new to some.
The first UFO had very interesting features as if it was designed by an intelligent beings. It was noticed flying near the edge of the Earth. However, the UFO was very difficult to see when in front of the earth because it would blend in. The second object was just above two clouds.
According to Mr Waring, the clouds sticking out below it. He continued to note that the UFO had strange shape and dark colour. He said that dark UFO usually not visible to people from earth because it blends into the darkness of space.
Several researchers have made different allegations to government about UFO cover-up.
You may also check out the original NASA photo on this link:
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  1. In 2003 I saw a very strange UFO, jet black and snake like(same object as in a Canadian photo if you search "Mona Farrell")which changed shape to become a black blob like this photo while rising into the sky and oddly shining just before disappearing from view. There is another clear photo of a black blob UFO taken in New Zealand by someone called White. They all appear to be the same

    • it's not an island. click on the link at the bottom of the description and it will take you to the big picture.

    • I think your dead right, that sure as heck fire does look like an island with clouds above.. yepp thats for sure… you hit the nail on the head there buddy ..

  2. SPACE DEBRIS AGREE WITH ANONYMOUS never a ufo our universe is a space junkyard littered with bits of every type of rocket thats ever went there sputniks geminis apollos satellites docking stations .

  3. people, are you not reading the description of the picture before viewing it? an island is a piece of land surrounded by water. when you click on the link provided at the bottom of the description and look at the big picture, you will clearly see it is not an island! that object is floating within the clouds, that's why we can see clouds around it! so no one has sure as heck fire hit any

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