New video of two UFOs over Auckland, New Zealand 13-Apr-2013


These two brigh UFOs were slowly flying over Auckland metropolitan area in the North Island of New Zealand, the largest and most populous urban area in the country. Recorded on Saturday, 13th April 2013.

Witness report: Ufo’s, about 7 of them seen in Mirangi Bay on the North Shore. They appeard to be just out in the bay and low in the sky. The Ufo’ss were much brighter than what was captured on my smart phone.

Author (Dan123543 @ youtube)

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  1. i'm sorry but no matter what you film and what is described beforehand, your video shows us nothing-with a bright streetlamp in front dominating the picture and a few little dots in the sky, we see nothing.

  2. It's creepy how many videos of them keep popping up. Even if a percentage are fake there are still more pictures and videos then there used to be. Granted more people have cameras on them at all times now thanks to cell phones. But still it seems like many more people are seeing them then they used to. 20-30 years ago if someone was on a busy street and saw something like that their response

    • I didn't witness it but I can tell you what they were, they were Chinese lanterns, I see many videos of them on here, too many, unfortunately you did not catch a ufo, simple lanterns, did they burn out one by one? I thought so.

  3. I have seen similar lights in New Zealand and they are not lanterns come on people wake up we are not alone!! there are bigger and better places than our small earth!

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