An Astronomer and Two Students Witness UFOs at Syracuse University’s Holden Observatory

On the winter’s night of February 20, 1947, five months before the famous Roswell UFO incident, two classmates of Syracuse University along with an astronomer reportedly witnessed strange elliptical or circular objects crossing across the horizon, covering the stars as they passed at tremendous speed. The two classmates were walking around 10:15 PM on the school campus and noticing that the dome doors of Holden Observatory were not close.

Not only that the dome doors were left opened they also discovered that entrance door of the small building was also open as they passed it. Out of curiosity, the two classmates wandered into the ground floor and they noticed a 6 or 7-foot long refracting telescope that was suspended around 12 feet above the floor. It was used by a man who walked it back and forth rapidly in the length of the dome opening. When the astronomer noticed the two students as they climbed the platform, he was thanking God that the two were there. He invited them to take a look of his found to tell others that he was not crazy.

The man told the two students that he had been witnessing something not usual in the night sky. He then let the two to take a look what he’d been watching without giving them a clue. One of the two students grew in New York City so, he only had a chance to appreciate the beauty of the stars in the night sky on campus, especially using a telescope. He was in awe of the bright star field and then noticed a light passed his view in the dark sky. He then observed more after 20 or 30 seconds. He counted approximately twelve mysterious lights. After being puzzled of what he had seen, he then gave the telescope to his pal. After a few minutes, his pal looked as puzzled as him and the astronomer. The three men agreed that they had seen the same objects.

The three men were able to witness the details of these objects through the telescope. They all witnessed the same objects that appeared to have a greyish bottom, slightly lighter than the dark sky background. The objects had thin bright yellow orange trailing edge which appeared slightly rippling. All men noted that some of the objects appeared to be brighter than others. The astronomer assured the students that he had never seen anything like the mysterious objects.

After a couple of minutes, the students bid the astronomer a good night. That was the first and only time they met the astronomer. The two students have talked about the incident a number of times for many years.

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  1. I n the Winter of 1947, when I was very young a friend and I were making snow angels and noticed a fleet of 16 silvery /copper disc flying over us. (this was in England justafter the War and we were worried that they were enemy aircraft and were in a panic. The fleet or whatevr they were, flew in a vee formation, then in groups of 4 then in lines. It looked like they were entertaining us, so we

    • thank you for taking the time to observer your sightings, there have been reports of crafts before 1947 , we are not alone as a human known species with the animal,mammals ,etc life forms on earth that were taught about or suppressed back then, all the authorities or govs did what they could to calm down the worries or confusion of what they too ' found out. they had their logical reasons

  2. What§ BS the guy who wrote this crap needs to learn how to use spell / grammer checker. This BS is one of the many reasons why ET has not shown thereselfs to the world we can not be trusted! Lord how I hate what's becoming of our society we continue to sink lower into the depths of depravity just for the laughs, not funny ASS HOLES.

  3. PizzaMan….I do not understand why you have made the comments you have? What is the point of people taking the time to report in a true fact and then get a response like that.. <br /><br />Bline59

  4. PizzaMan, since you are so into spelling how about me correcting you…<br />is their not there. And what you reply has no sense. They say what they saw not what you want to hear.

  5. That man is so bitter. He should keep his comments to himself. I like reading what others want to say but not crap that he writes.

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