Former Megadeth drummer films UFO over Studio City, California 14-Jul-2014

megadeth ufo

Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza films UFO from his front yard in Studio City, California. This was recorded on 14th July 2014 around 11 pm.

What do you think about this UFO video? Real or just a CGI? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. lufos, it seems i have to sign in everyday now. why am i not in here automatically, like i was on your old site?

  2. TR3-B, courtesy U.S. Government.

    Makes ya wonder what happened to the TR3-A?
    Oh, wait, that was a sports car!

  3. Might it be a MARKING? That is, is there something here that maybe we should consider that our elders from space are trying to communicate to us?

    How about the name of the rock group the fellow who filmed it was from? Might we now be only a short time away from mega deaths USA? Nuclear waste, is the answer blowing in the wind?

    America is funding the war deaths of about two Mai Lai massacres a day. Might we now be looking at some bad Karma coming our way?

  4. never seen a square ufo before lights from an under carriage of a helicopter or a new trb 4 5 or 6 who knows anymore . whats new technology or new helicopters .i.ll kp an open not a debunker but seen so many of different types of u.f.o.s over the yrs on ufo sightings this isnt in the same league.

  5. Nick, I’ve been checking out this site and others for a video that is convincing enough to say that I think this was extraterrestrial. I see comments about TRB-3’s or helicopters, but not one comment explains the small light travelling around the original 3 lights which never move. It looks to me like a mother ship, the classic triangle shaped UFO’s that are commonly reported in recent years. I don’t know what the TRB-3’s are, but I don’t think they hover like that, and it certainly wasn’t a helicopter or plane. This is the most interesting UFO video I’ve seen on this site. It appears you were in the right place at the right time my friend. You may have something here, have you reported this to MUFON? If not, I would do that as soon as possible, this video has to be investigated. That smaller light that was flying around the other 3 had to be a scout ship or something, because it is absorbed by the main white light of the craft and then the whole thing seems to ascend into the clouds. Nice capture!

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