Man Says He Witnessed Secret UFO and Alien Files

David Armstrong

David Armstrong claims his aunt used to work for a Top Secret UFO records library at McClellan Air Force Base. In his twenties, Armstrong went to visit her, and knowing he had an interest in the subject, Armstrong says his aunt let him take a look at the files. In this video, Armstrong recounts what he claims to have seen in those files, including images of extraterrestrial spacecraft and alien beings.

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  1. Problem: If this was indeed a library containing “top secret” documents, security at McClellan would have to have been criminally negligent, or visiting his Aunt or not, this guy would not have been allowed in to that area without the proper security credentials. His “visit” with his Aunt would have likely been conducted in the base cafeteria, and the Aunt would not have been able to truck documents out of there. She may have had a loose mouth and told him things, but Sorry, but his having had eye contact of these files and photographs is tough to believe.

  2. interesting video of report from mr armstrong quite believable good to listen to his opinions of which he seen in his aunts office files .

  3. I once believed there could not be such a large bureaucratic organisation without many leaks, but NSA proves this is possible. However, the allowance for a member to get to such protected areas is rather unbelievable. The aunt herself seems to be relevant of psychiatry, as her questions after the visit rather sound like ‘did you read these files, as I wish you did ?”.

  4. There are at least three aspects of Mr. Armstrong’s experience that are quite problematic, two of which have been dealt with by other commentators. First, it does seem hard to accept that Mr. Armstrong would be even allowed on the base. One only has to read reports of the ironclad security at Area 51. Surely such measures would be duplicated at other bases. Secondly, that he had such ready access to any files whatever, let alone such sensitive ones, stretches credulity. Finally, virtually nothing he says could not, today, be found in any number of books on UFOs and crashed saucers. There are doubtless thousands of people who could reel off such information about Roswell; it’s all pretty basic stuff.

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