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New Zealand – 1st November 2014
No sound of air craft what so ever
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Madrid, Spain – 27 October 2014
madrid ufoPhoto taken standing on Calle Mayor street, Madrid, Spain, at approx. 5.30pm, 27 October 2014. Sunny, Monday evening. Some 13, & possibly 18 objects, visible. Not birds. Phenomenon was some 4 or 5 kilometers north of where I was standing, appearing to be above San Bernabeu stadium. No event on at Stadium. No festival day, no local holiday. Airliners traverse this altitude/location, to land at Madrid airport. Objects ‘danced’ in and around each other. Each appeared to have own internal light & no visible propulsion. Soared up, down, & in ellipses. Samsung WB100 camera, set to max. 26x zoom, shutter 1/120. 4608 x 3456 photo size. Photo is not edited or airbrushed or digitally manipulated in any way. Objects made seemingly purposeful movement, as a fleet, towards the west. Sun was low in the sky at that point, but the illumination of the mid-sections of the aerial objects are not sun reflections. Not balloons, nor radio controlled toys. If they had been toys, they would have been quite sophisticated, expensive, and in danger of collision, considering the way they were acting. I estimated them to have been between 3 metres to 5 metres in length, each…but shaped somewhat differently to each other, as regards length, and (apparently) curved as opposed to angular dimensions. I don’t think they are flares or other readily-explainable objects. The air at ground level was quite still, no wind. The objects each seemed to have their own energy.
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Xinantécatl, Toluca, México – 26/10/2014
Amazing ufo in volcano Xinantécatl, Toluca, México.
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Bolingbroke, ga, USA – October 25 2014
A triangle of 3 different objects.  One at top that was red. The other 2 at bottom a lite orange maybe.  It was right at sunset when the stars were just appearing.  High in the sky. When i looked for a few seconds the bottom 2 disappeared and the top one faded very slowly till it was gone. They were circular in appearance.  I don’t have photos cause i couldn’t look away.  My wife only caught the red one fading.  Idk what to think.  Maybe it was something else.  But i know what i saw.
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Holts Summit, Missouri – 10-22-14
I first heard the loud roar these craft use to get my attention, once I heard this I looked at FlightRadar and there was nothing anywhere nearby in my skies.  This means it was likely not commercial but, not ruling out some military craft.  I proceeded to my door that looks west it was about 12:16am.
There in the western sky above the building next door’s roofline and just right of the tree on the south end of that building, hung a craft with red blinking lights on either side.  It was maybe a mile off and a mile in altitude I guess, lower than often I see them, it seemed to me…maybe five thousand feet, I doubt more than this.  I could see a smaller yellowish light kind of rectangle like I thought, besides the two simultaneously blinking red lights one on each side of this dim yellowish light, otherwise it was very dark and no “craft structure” was visible.  The craft appeared to be moving at first then it just plain, stopped, went silent, and just hung there, for at least a minute, I opened the storm door and went out trying to get my camera on, zoomed in and start taking pictures (sadly none turned out this is not unusual, I have taken thousands of pics of these craft maybe one in a hundred turns out), it just hung there (long enough my camera’s metal got cold)… This
lasted maybe two minutes at most, I guess…  It was strange, like it was watching me, watch it, I tried taking four or five pictures with my Cannon powershot which takes probably four or five seconds to cycle for each pic, as this is far from my first sighting, they becoming regulation visitors, I then stood there for thirty seconds maybe, eyes closed just focusing on a meditative state and sending a telepathic message for them to visit that they were welcome and I wished to meet… When I opened my eyes, it had begin moving towards my location, slow, very slowly at first it seemed, just slowly approaching on the usual “flight path”these often take.  It was moving slow but then picked up speed, it could not have been doing more than 20-30 miles per hour though, I am fairly sure.
As it approached I noticed there was NO SOUND AT ALL, if it had used the high volume loud “engine” while inside to get my attention,once I walked outside it was completely silent and remained so as it slowly floated up to my location and passed directly overhead still moving at most maybe 50mph but, just a leisurely cruise as it nonchalantly, passed overhead and off eastbound slightly to the northeast.  When I returned inside there was one odd thing, my ipad which had been strEaming an old radio broadcast of ArtBell coast to coast, had ceased the streaming and the program was locked up, very strange “coincidence”.
I have heard and seen these craft on many occasions here since 2010, and every summer it drops off returning in the fall, this was their 2014 return, just to let me know they’re back, at least that is how I took this. Each year the activity and number if sightings between October and July increase, I look forward to more sightings this winter (when it’s clear and not too cold, that is).  My sightings history is available at twitter @tyea99.
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Cidra, Puerto Rico – October 2014
Puerto Rico ovniCan you check this photo i took in Cidra Puerto Rico and theirs something flying over the trees wen i took the picture i dint see it and after i found out it was there it to big to be a bird and to small to be a plane and it has a strange shape
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  1. I have seen about 5 UFOs up close in my lifetime. Had a lot of weird experiences mostly from 2009 to 2013 following those sightings. There has been one very up close UFO sighting that passed over my head about 90 feet. It was a large triangular shaped craft that just made a buzzing/hissing sound a it seemed to cover my whole block I lived on (about 7 houses long). My relatives (3 of them) saw the object to so I know I am not crazy – they also heard the same sound. My questions is, one distinct design of the craft stuck out, it had two large glass in appearance globes in the front nose of the craft that I can’t figure out. They were about 12 feet long and about 5 feet long and were close to each other. Has anybody seen this type of design?

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