British Investigator Digs Deep Into UFO Sighting Report In Northumberland

UFOs over UK

British space alien investigator is investigating the UFO sighting claims in Northumberland, and he is determined to talk to anyone who saw the same thing in similar place and time.

Mutual UFO Network’s British field investigator Karl Webb is trying to substantiate the claim.

Allegedly passing above the Hadston area going into Amble last month, the object apparently moved at a steady speed.

According to Webb, he’s dealing with a sighting that happened on Saturday, November 22, at around 7pm to 7:30pm.

The primary witness to the sighting reported to Webb’s group and as part of their ongoing investigation, they need to ascertain, or negate the possibility that the sighting is indeed true with substance and that it was witnessed by others.

Based on the details they gathered, such as the size, distance and direction, they think that the subject could well have been seen moving from south to north, passing above the Hadston area going towards on the coast of Amble at a steady speed.

Mr Webb said that he does not mind anybody who takes the nature of his work with cynicism. He claimed that his request for witnesses is serious and not a spoof.

He added that in the current stage of his investigation, he found no such corroboratory evidence so far about any videos or photos.

He said that he can’t reveal his witness of the event due to the obligation of MUFON to protect any witnesses. Webb would hope that his investigation may reveal more sources that may give some corroborations to the sighting.

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  1. I.m intrigued too Rubye. Hope you are close enough to drive to, I’d be there to them too . if “they ” are there everyight. Do you have photos?

  2. on Monday 8th dec 17;15 me and my son were walking the dog.and we seen a black triangle with lights on each point it made no sound as it passed over head.In Seaton Delaval Northumberland.

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