Documentary Of UFO Events At Nuclear Weapon Sites Needs Help

Nuclear UFOs

UFO events at nuclear weapons sites are not new to Robert Hastings. Author of “UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites,” (Amazon link) Hastings, says he has collected more than 150 interviews with military veterans from both the USSR and US who have knowledge of UFO events at nuclear weapon sites. Hastings has brought several of these witnesses to the National Press Club in Washington D.C. They shared their knowledge with the media. Their stories and the entire press conference were streamed live by CNN. Now, Hastings is making a documentary of his research, and asking the public to help him to complete it.

The full press conference can be watched below.

Hastings says that he already spent a total of $100,000 for the documentary, and he needs $25,000 more to finish it.

Hastings claims his research is different from the rest because he is the only researcher who focuses on this type of UFO activity. He further says that his data on nukes-related UFO incidents is far more than any other investigators. This data is promised to be featured throughout the film.

Hastings says that his documentary examines the ongoing UFO incursions at nuclear weapon sites, which started from the late 1940s. He reveals that the film is based on stolen Soviet and declassified American documents, backed by testimonies of military veterans from both the USSR and US. He has interviewed over 150 of them throughout the past 41 years, and twelve appear in the film.

Hastings stresses that the testimonies come from highly credible witnesses, who were trusted by the American government to launch World War III by launching their nuclear ICBMs if it had happened. Now many of those veterans decided to reveal that UFOs have been long monitored, and they even shut down those missiles.

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  1. For those who understand strategy of nuclear war, might not the plan all along not have been to attack us all out with nuclear blast weapons?

    Can we not appreciate that we have survived an all out nuclear holocaust?

    Will labor not stop the war?

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