Black and Purple UFO Flies Across Simi Valley, California

ufo sighting over california

A mysterious round object in black and purple colors moved across the sky from east to west in Simi Valley, California in broad daylight. While flying at constant speed in nearly clear sky, the unidentified flying object made no sound at all.

The strange activity in the air was witnessed by three people – 39-year-old father working in IT industry, 8-year-old daughter in third grade, and a former science teacher grandmother.

At first sight, the father thought he saw a helium balloon, but this impression suddenly changed when he observed that the round object flew at constant speed and height. The UFO moved across the sky instead of going up as the helium balloon normally does. The family can’t remember seeing such object with similar behavior before, so they think it was an alien object. They failed to take any picture because it flew from their sight in a minute.

The witnesses all agree that the sky was clear with only little clouds during the time of sighting. The family was playing in the backyard, watching hummingbirds when the object came to their view. They described the size of the object similar to a helium balloon, but the other characteristics – speed, height, and direction – did not look like any free-flying balloon.

According to the father witness, the object was flying towards west of Simi Valley in Thousand Oaks and others might have observed it, especially those who were outside looking at the sky or were driving in the car. His daughter first noticed the UFO, then his mother, and followed by him. His mother said to him that she observed something like fans on both sides of the round object, but he did not see it because when he looked up, the aerial thing already a bit far.

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