UFO Discovered In Antarctica?

Antarctica ufo

Is this evidence that aliens have landed on Earth? Or just a black mark on a satellite image? Whatever the image is showing, many people have interpreted it as a crashed UFO as they continue to search evidence to back up claims about alien life coming into contact with the Earth.

Valetin Degterev, the researcher of the unknown, said it could be the proof that extraterrestrials have landed on Earth. Posting to social media, the Russian expert said he noticed the black mark in Antarctica through looking at Google Earth.

He claimed that it shows an unidentified flying object in the ice after crash landing three years ago. Mr. Degterev said that it’s the most genuine, classic shape UFO in the endless ice desert.

Apparently ignoring the fact that there are many other cliff formations and shadows in the area, Mr. Degterev said the UFO measured around 65ft by 230 ft. He believes it’s something that could not be explained by anything natural to the planet.

Degterev added that there could be a gigantic disc-shaped flying machine in the ice.

He is confident that the image wasn’t a polar station, a plane, or a ship. He said that it appears this is an object made from the distant cosmos.

Author of the UFO Investigations Manual, Nigel Watson, said that it was difficult to tell exactly what the photo showed, claiming the spot had a long tradition of extraterrestrial spacecraft landings.

Meanwhile, Antarctic experts said that it was a crevasse.

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  1. Ok, Let’s just use a little, JUST A LITTLE, basic common sense. If we had an object going in excess of 400mph. Which I am assuming a space ship in the process of crashing would probably exceed that by a huge number. If it did happen to “crash land” hitting hardpack snow(anything under 10ft im guessin,due to the sheer weight of the snow on top)would be like hitting a concrete or rockformation and there would be nothing less. Unless their “shields” were up….. That makes me laugh. MAYBE, just maybe they fire “lasers” first to soften it up……..I feel like I am watching some cheap sci fi movie. Let’s think rationally guys….FFS

  2. what’s so farfetched about lasers and shields? there are high powered lasers TODAY, and shields aren’t so fantastical as they may seem. and take into account that aliens have mastered space travel and we’re only exploring the next planet next to us, i’m pretty sure they’d have been technology than us. how about your use YOUR common sense instead.

  3. There are at least 3 other same shaped, if smaller areas in the photo. Of course this is a cravasse.. unless you are suggesting that 4 UFOs crash landed?
    It’s easy to let your imagination run away with you on this subject and by the way, I am a believer and have seen real UFOs. Pictures and assumption like this only give the critics ammunition and take us further from the truth, which I feel, really is ‘out there.’

  4. how come no one has gone and had a look may be its time that we the people had ower own task force to check things out then theres no b-ll sh-t, ay

  5. how come no one has gone and had a look may be its time that we the people had there own task force to check things out then theres no b-ll sh-t, ay

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