UFO Mystery Deepens In Antarctic As Researchers Discover Tanks In Alleged Alien Crash Site


The discovery of a crash site and wreckage of an extraterrestrial ship, which thought to have been downed in the Antarctic, had made headlines earlier this year. Valentin Degterev from Nizhny Tagil City in central Russia, says he found the unidentified ground object (UGO) using Google Earth online.

antarctic-ufo-2015But fellow researchers have dug out satellite images of the same spot, just off Willy Field Road, which were captured in April and December 2011.

Researchers believe they found photos that show four tanks in a line facing the mysterious crack in the snow on Google Earth – as if a flying object has skidded to a halt after making an emergency landing.

Mr Degterev is convinced the large unidentified object must have been the result of a UFO crash at least three years ago as it is still half buried in the ice of Antarctica. He says that it is the realest UFO in its most classic shape in the endless ice desert.

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  1. The image in this video is still in Google Earth’s database and can be seen. If you use the online version you’ll only see the latest image. You have to use the Google Earth’s program and then you can turn back the time with “Show historical imagery”.

    Then go to date Feb. 24, 2011 and you’ll see the UFO and the tanks. You can see one more interesting image at the same spot from Sep. 23, 2009. Now this image begs the question – what the hell are they doing there and are they digging something? The corners of the hole are square and you can see the tanks again with people on the ground.. 🙂

  2. If the ‘skid’ marks of the so called UFO are still visible. (no wind in the Arctic?) Then why aren’t the tracks of the so called ‘tanks’?Or are they supposed to have been dropped from above?

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