CIA Releases Some Of The Best UFO Sightings In The World

George Stock UFO

George Stock of Passaic, New Jersey has apparently snapped a series of pictures of a mysterious disc on July 29, 1952.

With the CIA highlighting the top secret investigations it implemented in the 1940s and 1950s, a series of historical UFO sightings has been released, including one of Mr Stock’s pictures.

For some reason, the US intelligence agency uploaded some of its formerly secret UFO case files to its website. UFO conspiracy theorists have been accused the CIA has been accused of a major cover up involvement to hide the evidence of ET life from the public.

George Stock UFOMr Stock stayed in his yard with a friend when they reportedly noticed the object in the sky at around 4:30 pm. He ran inside to his house to get his camera, before shooting five photos of the strange flying object.

Flying at approximately 200 feet before it flew away at a very high speed, the witnesses described the object as solid and metallic with a transparent domed top.

The two friends said it had a blue to grey color and around 10 meters across. It made no noise, the pair further claimed.

No substantial evidence to give absolute conclusion over the pictures. One of the speculations was that the apparent UFO could have been an elaborate hoax with the help of a saucer and an upturned teacup.

The CIA may not be just interested in UFO sightings above the American sky. The CIA also posted another image online involving a fleet of dark-looking flying saucers taken over Sheffield, in northern England, in 1962. Investigators and the media remained baffled of the saucers’ identity for ten years until the perpetrator of the hoax confessed everything.

Then 24-year-old salesperson, Alex Birch, admitted in October 1972 that he and two friends were responsible for the deception. Birch was a 14-year-old schoolboy then. He revealed that they painted five flying saucers on the glass and photographed them to give an impression of UFOs in the air.

The CIA also published an image of a massive, bright, strange-looking object that allegedly snapped on October 20, 1960, over Minneapolis in Minnesota. It is difficult to determine the object in the image, but it is believed to show a cloaked UFO – a term that applies to a flying saucer when it hides through the clouds to conceal itself.

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    • !!! seriously? it was 1952. no drones. and they said it was silent and flew very fast, again, not a drone.

  1. There is so much the US Government knows that they will never say”.
    If they didn’t know , They would be asking . You have to be kidding on the recent SO CALLED release of info . If people believe there so called info they are fools .The total loss of money if the fact that free energy was given to the public” The same money in fact was around 90 billion dollars last year alone that went to secret projects! Any ufo seen that is triangular is in fact the US Government’s own craft. They have had this idea for at least 40 years. I hope someone else like Snowden sneaks out the real truth that tells the whole truth ! I am surprised they have not poisoned him yet? Can’t shoot him it looks bad and prove he was telling the truth . But the truth really is well we all know that according to the crap they just released!!

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