Most remarkable UFO sightings in January 2016

Most remarkable UFO sightings in January 2016 by

3rd January 2016; bright Orbs – Calgary, Canada

13th January 2016; intelligent UFO – Melbourne, Australia

14th January 2016; daytime UFO – El Cajon, California

15th January 2016; fast UFOs – Mudgee, Australia

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  1. Very interesting. Definitely not the usual ‘chinese lanterns’ or birds. I’d be fascinated to hear what flying experts think they could be. such speed and agility, like no plane that I’ve ever seen and certainly not birds. Drones? Who flies that many? I wonder what part of the country they are flying over and if ther’s any military significance?

  2. the last vid could be balloons, but the first three are quite interesting. I wish folks would hold the camera or phone still when recording.

  3. 13th January Melbourne. Definitely a UFO intelligently controlled by et’s. A copy of the one I saw years ago when I lived in what was then the USSR.

  4. rich, I assume you have not tried taking photos on objects over a long

    distance away, try it any see how shaky your efforts are !!!!!!!!!!!!

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