Glowing UFOs in Alaska Spotted by Security Guard


With the economic crisis and daily challenging obligations that take most people’s time, money, and energy, the average person is not that concerned about extraterrestrials and UFOs. However, if more attention was paid to the topic, the public may be intrigued over the relevance of the topic to the world affairs. As a matter of fact, humans would be probably shocked to uncover the misconceptions that have been spread about them intentionally.

Spotted and recorded by a security guard in Alaska, the four-minute footage shows a large brightly-glowing light flying in the clear night. The strange object glows brightly and then fades, later on, flashing before turning orange. Before it disappeared, the object fragments and a there is an appearance of a circular light zooming out. Halfway through the clip, the primary circular light divides into three smaller objects to form a perfectly shaped triangle. People who saw the object were left flabbergasted due to its odd apparition effects that are apparent in the sky.

According to one YouTube user Mike Samoyloff, the strange object looked drone at the first phase. However, as it gets closer, it appeared something different. William Cleary added that such object looks similar to the object seen in Colorado, US. The strange flashing object seems to be an odd star. Even before this sighting occurred, sightings of UFOs are very much common in secluded areas like mountainous regions of Colorado and Alaska since low light pollution makes the night sky very easy to observe.

As sightings continue to rise, and questions increase, just know that truth is always around to this worldwide phenomena. The more you are serious about this subject, the more you will realize that more and more people saw the same things, but due to lack of resources, timing or other circumstances, they were not able to get clear resolutions.

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  1. An elaborate Hoax, or an attempt at Communication? I’m intrigued by the possibilities! Hopefully some Genius will determine if there’s Viable communication here? I’ve seen Plenty of the White solid objects but never one ejecting and /or dispersing another.

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