NAZI Blueprints of Flying Saucers Found, Reverse Engineering and Tested

nazi ufo

German engineer, who claimed that the Soviets German experts were able to get flying saucers back to work. Today’s American space dream is made possible to NAZIS.

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  1. They only wished!
    The Soviets would have wiped us out long ago if they had these devices. Anyone can draw up plans, but doesn’t say they’ll work.

  2. My God, this stuff is really old. The images of the UFO have been created by a Russian image specialist, who specialises on digitally recreating historical aircraft that were lost. The Ufo / Hanebau saucer images was made for the documentary that ran on Rossija TV in 2007. We’ve all seen that one. But there is no real proof for all of that and the so-called construction plans are surely a poorly executed fake. Sorry.

  3. My comment to all the writers above
    @Anonymous: You understood wrong
    @Amy Blatt: You show the typical behaviour of a heavy influenced mind. As Albert Einstein once stated:
    “Common sense is nothing more than a deposit of prejudices laid down in the mind before you reach eighteen.”
    @Alexander Markert-1: “…so-called construction plans are surely a poorly executed fake”
    In which you base your claims?
    @Alexander Markert-2: “Reichweite in Flugzeit” means Range: Flight time of 18 h
    It says that max flying time can be 18 h – independent how ‘fast’ you fly. So you can calculate the ‘theoretical range’ by yourself: From speed of 4.800km/h to ‘theoretically’ achievable speed of 17.000km/h.
    And to correct you: It’s not ‘that crappy German'(language); instead it is your crappy phrasing.

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