Triangle UFO caught on tape over Kenner, Louisiana


Here’s one interesting footage of a triangular-shaped craft that was seen and recorded over Kenner, Louisiana. This happened on 20th December 2016 and was just submitted to MUFON.

Witness report: I first heard a very loud booming type bass sound about 10 minutes prior to seeing the triangle shaped UFO outside the front of my house. Not sure if this loud vibrating noise has anything to do with the UFO sighting but it is still occurring outside right now. The sound is strange because we are not able to figure out where it is coming from and normally it is easy to tell where a sound like this is originating from. As soon as I went outside in my front yard to listen to the booming sound a large triangle shaped UFO appeared in the northern sky above me moving in a westerly direction. The UFO had three white lights in the shape of a triangle with other colored flashing lights. There was no sound coming from the UFO and it was NOT a airplane, helicopter and or drone. I know this because I live close to the airport and I see planes all day and night and none of them look like this unknown object. I have video footage of the UFO which I will include in this report. I also posted this to my subscribers on youtube since what I witnessed tonight I find to be very interesting UFO footage! It is RARE to capture up close video footage of a triangle UFO! I had a very interesting encounter back on March 2, 2007 which involved a triangle UFO in the sky near me. That very interesting encounter which I reported here on MUFON back in 2007 occurred about 10 miles from where I witnessed this UFO tonight. 

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  1. well no, we can’t hear it BECAUSE YOU KEEP TALKING AND TELLING US TO LISTEN!!! that humming noise was the train engine. it precedes it. i live near train tracks and that’s what that was. the triangle shape you saw had three light in the form of a triangle, not three triangular lights.

  2. i have seen one of these craft in the day time slowly gliding over my house…i didnt get a photo because i was mesmerized by the sighting. I drew a sketch not very good but it shows the craft.

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