So-Called Apocalyptic Fireball Caught On Videos From Different Locations


The sight of a flaming ball falling from the sky has made some viewers baffled and frightened. Two videos recorded from two separate places caught an apparent the same sight of what seemed like a massive fireball.

Taken in Louisiana on April 29, the first video shows what looks like a falling object from the sky having a huge trail of smoke behind.

The second video, which then uploaded on the same night, was recorded from neighbouring state of Texas. It also shows a large UFO falling to the ground with a bright reddish colour around it and a huge trail behind.

Both videos show a seemingly burning fire falling out of the sky or a bomb coming down to the Earth’s surface.

Some UFO hunters suggest it could be an unusual weather phenomenon or a downed satellite.

Other commenters joked about the two videos saying they show Superman from Krypton coming down to Earth.

Others described the incident as alarming as it involved an apocalyptic fireball streaking across the sky above the two states in the U.S. As of posting time, no official explanation yet as to what caused such thing to happen. One user commented that how come the thing considered apocalyptic as it never made a big headline moments after both videos circulated online.

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  1. Satellite re-entry, most likely. Whatever it is, this object may be (currently) unidentified, but I do not think it may have some kind of extraterrestrial or alien origin.

  2. The apocalyptic fireball streaking across the sky above Texas and Lousiana in the U.S. caught on video.

    Is a thermonuclear warhead in a controlled burn off outside of the believability of the viewer?

    Are we not able to grasp that we have survived numerous nuclear missile attacks only because the angels our Father sent in to protect us have grabbed them all and put them into controlled burnoffs?

    Will we not try to grasp that the plan all along has been to destroy us in an all out nuclear war?

    Might we have a gullibility gap here?

    Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end this abuse of public credulity?

    Will the people not try to perceive that God our Father loves us all and wants us to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

  3. I agree with Mr.Meladze, most likely a satellite,or foreign object.That it’s time has come to come back earth bound. “What goes Up,must come Down.”

  4. people! that’s a mere jet flying! it looks like something big because it’s far away! it just looks like it’s falling! cmon!

  5. This “object” has been filmed in France, U.S. and Brazil. The explanations (above) do not explain this object and I do not agree with any explanations here. Apocalyptic “grow up?” that’s not necessary is it? The object now filmed in 3 different countries SPANS over the last year … physics would never allow “continual re-entry.” As for a thermonuclear warhead burn-off do your homework: the U.S. does not burn-off “nuclear warheads” and ESPECIALLY over populated areas. This same object when magnified shows a spherical object and NOT a plane as some have ventured . . why not a plane? Because when was the last time you saw a plane in a nose dive in various locations around the world and no reports of any crash associated to those locations where it was filmed? With a trajectory of nearly vertical, that would be a complete nose dive, yet it does not crash nor hit Earth . . which means the object is further out than our perspective can grasp and therefore follows logically that if it was closer, would appear even larger than it does:)

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