Most remarkable UFO sightings in April 2017

Most remarkable UFO sightings in April 2017 by

10th April 2017; triangle formation – Mexicali, Mexico

17th April 2017; triangle UFO – Exmouth in UK

19th April 2017; orbs in the sky – Summerlin, Nevada

late April 2017; UFOs during the storm – Stillwater, Oklahoma

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  1. VERY VERY Real excellent photos. these flying saucers are very real also i like to mention the white balls of light are also belong to the ufo and cropcircle system,also involve in the 1963,70s and 80s in curtion at a USA and Russian nuclear test site where the Americans and Russia was given a warning from these Entities .

  2. Typical, the News station cuts away from the second ufo..(or was it the same one from above, earlier?) Nice vid – notice the white glow that seems to blown in the wind, or look like a retro rocket – probably just plasma being moved around from weather, gravitons, or electrostatic discharge..

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