British Witness Spots UFOs Following Passenger Aircraft

An unnamed British reported to MUFON about their sighting of multiple UFOs in London. They were in Fulham section of London when the strange event took place. While walking to a café, they happened to look up and spot a star-like object to the left of the passenger aircraft. To the right of the plane, they noticed several lights. These UFOs reportedly followed the aircraft and kept the same relative distance. They then banked slowly toward a more northerly path.


The witness thought of balloons reflecting bright sunlight for a moment, but the UFOs remained at a constant speed, moved with direction and turned relative to each other while maintaining the same distance from each other. The witness also noticed that the mysterious aerial objects seemed to emit a constant light and not reflect it. They explained that balloons would change intensity upon tilting relative to the observer and the sun.

The witness stated that the aircraft did not land at a London airport. They estimated the plane, which had a vapor trail, to be over 15,000-20,000 feet above the ground. Great Britain MUFON is investigating the case, which is filed under Case 82822 in the witness reporting database.

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