Interview with Kelly Cahill about her Close Alien Encounter in 1993


In August 1993, 27-year-old Kelly Cahill, her husband and three children were driving home after a visit to a friend’s house. Their routine journey would soon become a harrowing trip into an unknown world of strange beings that occupied space but were void of color as we know it.

The Dandenong foothills, near Belgrave, Victoria, Australia would have its location forever linked to the sighting of one of the most unusual humanoid creatures in Ufology archives.

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  1. Did some reverse facial speech and found these thoughts in the first few minutes of the interview:

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    • Patrick, you need to lay off the drink. Your xenophobic heritage (confusion) is clearly demonstrated. Seek help immediately.

    • What type of NonSense are you saying. Most species out there are Highly Intelligent.I ifnd your statement very puzzling? Making me wonder,whoyou may be listening to. And what you may be watching,about this subject matter. I wish you wellness. Make sure you do Complete research,into this matter. Not just Negativity.

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