Amazing daytime UFO over Marco Island, Florida 17-Mar-2018


Check out this footage of a cigar-shaped UFO flying over the sky above Marco Island in Florida. This was filmed on 17th March 2018.

Witness report: To aerial devices traveling towards one another that seemed rather large to me and did not look like anything that I had seen before and struck me odd. I am very observant and detailed I am a firefighter and this is nothing that I have seen before.
I was outside throwing the football with my two young boys and noticed two vessels in the sky traveling towards one another. It struck me odd, so much that I stopped throwing the football and took a closer look and realize that these objects were very far away but really really large. And they were traveling towards one another at a very close distance apart from where I was standing it looked as though it might be a close call kind of thing. I did not think it was a large aircraft or drone or anything that I’ve seen before. It look like an (Advil with lights on the side but white & lights were yellow and orange.) normally Aircrafts don’t do that, fly directly forwards each other. The larger of the two UFOs were traveling north and the smaller of the two was traveling south. The one traveling south was leaving trails. And I lost track of the one traveling north and they both basically disappeared. Both of my boys and my ex-wife thought that it was very odd and that I was not making a big deal of nothing. After posting on Facebook my fire chief told me that I should contact you folks and let you see the videos and pictures. I’m just curious what it was? When you see the video you will be able to judge for yourself that it just seems so far away and to be so large in the sky it did not seem right.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. My friend and I were going over the bridge on to Marco.
    He was driving and I noticed “something.” I kept staring until I found what caught my eye. It took him a minute to also find it.
    We watched something hovering, but not moving, in the scattered, puffy clouds (which were slowly moving through the sky) WAY up and out over the water to the southwest. It blended in almost perfectly.The same relative shape and characteristics as in your video. We watched for about 10 minutes until it literally disappeared as we were looking at it.Like it dissolved. I don’t know how to explain it other than that. We sat for a few minutes trying to figure it out and waiting to see it again. We didn’t.

    I lived in the Rocky mountains for years and have seen firsthand clouds form and dissipate in a matter of minutes. This was not that. It was a solid object. A day later what was in the news? All of Marco seeing a UFO that matched the same description.
    I’m definitely not a nut-job conspiracy/UFO guy. I saw a crazy thing in Colorado 30 years ago in the middle of nowhere where we lived, a little further up at 9000ft in the mountains, in the middle of the night.
    I’ve been here in SWFL for 24 years and have seen a few things over the gulf and down by Marco. No matter what you believe, there are things we have no clue about, regardless of what they are.
    If people spent time looking up, there would be a lot more eyes to see these crazy things instead of telling people they are crazy.

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