Amazing footage recorded over Las Vegas! 9-Apr-2018


This strange unidentified flying object was recorded over MacDonald Ranch area of Henderson in Nevada on 9th April 2018.

What do you think this craft is?


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  1. Well that’s similar to what I see. But in my case the lights are definitely red green blue slight flicks of white. pattern like red, red red blue ble green flicker of white in repeted pattern and its definitely round flat and right up to where you can see them in the earths atmosphere. They are always around in june. so im waiting to see them again soon. Of course I’ve seen them at other times but mostly around that time.

  2.! Probably a plane coming into land. Look at the rest of the lights they are behaving the same way. Looks speeded up to me. And why the music? That always yells fake to me!

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