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Everything about alien life, far away extraterrestrial civilisations, news about SETI and NASA research, conspiracy theories about lizards (reptilians). Are “they” already among us? Let’s find out!

Top-Secret Files Could Prove Alien Existence

September 30, 2015 // 4 Comments

The staff at a new UFO museum spooked top FBI agents after allegedly discovering a secret memo establishing aliens exist. The unfolding of the Hakui Centre for UFO Research in Japan brought some concerns to federal officials after museum workers found a document suggesting the FBI obtained three metallic saucer […]

Snowden Explains the Reason Behind Alien Silence

September 24, 2015 // 8 Comments

Encryption isn’t a new thing as people have been using it to protect their online privacy. However, American whistleblower Edward Snowden has offered a new idea about encryption. He said the detection of signals sent from aliens could be difficult because of the security measure. Snowden thoughts about the encryption […]

UFO Hovers over Chile’s Farm: Cows Fear Mutilation by Aliens

August 14, 2015 // 8 Comments

UFO occurrence, space aliens, and filmmaking technology are an exciting experience. People have been looking at documentaries on extraterrestrial sensation and space aliens lately. It is an interesting topic when you’re a believer or nonbeliever that extraterrestrial life exists and features visited this planet. Perhaps the government is too paranoid […]

2,000 Years Old Conehead Skeleton in Ukraine: A UFO Proof?

August 9, 2015 // 9 Comments

You may live comfortably in your everyday un-anomalous world, but rest assured, that un-anomalous world is in itself an anomaly in a quite anomalous universe, all brought to you either by natural or man-made phenomenon. Ukraine’s Archaeologists made a surprising discovery this week. The first one is the skeleton that […]

Stephen Hawking: Did He Change His Tune On Extraterrestrials?

July 31, 2015 // 17 Comments

The alien history of planet earth is deeper than we could ever imagine. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has cautioned people that no one would want to meet extraterrestrial creatures. On Monday, however, Dr. Hawking tossed his support behind the $100-million Breakthrough Listen project of Russian tycoon Yuri Milner. This project plans to […]

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