Daytime UFO picture from India

This picture was taken this days (28th November 2009) in West Sikkim India (Gangtok), by one of the local students.
The repeated information of UFO sighting in and around Sikkim now a days has made everyone surprised. Eventually one of the enthusiastic student set a remarkable breakthrough by capturing the flying object with his camera. He has been in continuous observation over the said UFO objects after announcement was made by VOICEOFSIKKIM SMS NEWS alert. “The said object flew bit slowly while they came out from backside of mountain, thanks to god that I was capturing a scene of mountains and the object appeared in my camera aperture. I clicked it, there were was five of them moving towards border side of Nepal. As I know there was no any sound nor did I spot any smoke trails!”
The picture of the UFO has been sent to various UFO sighting agencies world wide for justification.
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