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  1. I was at my friends house on Friday which was last night and I'm pretty sure I had a UFO encounter… About 8:15- 8:20 pmI started looking up at the sky and the stars. When a large object that looked like a huge boomerang Was glyding overhead. The color seems almost like a transparent color like almost invisible but l could make out the shape. I believe it had 5 lights on it.. and the

  2. Date: 03/23/10<br /><br />Time: 01:45 AM<br /><br />Sighting City: El Paso<br /><br />Sighting State: tx<br /><br />Witnesses: 1<br /><br />Shape: Changing<br /><br />Police did not have anything on record to explain the lights.<br /><br />I was in the East side of El Paso, TX looking towards the West. The objects were just behind the mountain ridge on the west side. So it was on the other side

  3. In fullerton, California on the night of March 18th me and my roommate saw multiple UFO&#39;s. It started around 8:30pm when it was cloudy out and we saw a red orb in the middle of a orange colored orb and a purple colored orb. They all appeared at once and stayed in the night sky flashing through the clouds. They shone through the clouds like 3 spotlights in the sky for about 5 minutes. Then

  4. Look out for false stars. Anyone ever zone into a star and notice it&#39;s moving around slowly in different directions? A &quot;star&quot; that stays in a certain area to make it blend in with the rest but isn&#39;t completely still. I&#39;ve seen this a few times and it freaked me out but never thought I needed to report it. Then 2 nights ago happened. 1:20 in the morning Plymouth NH I crawl

  5. Me and my dad saw 4 different lights flying strait up in the sky then cycle around each other then they separated and flew from the southern sky to the northern sky in a split second.then they came back together and flew off out of site in space. This happened at 9:00pm in Knoxville Tennessee on April 6th.If anyone also saw this le me know

  6. Over Santa Fe NM on Monday 4/12 about 9:45 PM, saw a traffic-light-green orb going at incredible speed northwestward. I&#39;d say close to twice the speed of an F16. NO, not a fireball or meteor, it had no tail or trace; was not descending but basically kept altitude. Eventually disappeared from my sight. Curious especially if anyone else saw this?!!? -Noel in SFe

  7. me and my girlfriend just saw a UFO above cookridge, leeds, west yorkshire, england, UK.<br /> A very crisp red light in the sky when all flights are currently grounded due to the volcanic ash incident. The light changed colour as it moved north, slowed down quite quickly to complete stop then just dissapeared. It appeared to be flying reasonably high.<br />We do live right near leeds/bradford

  8. Broad daylight today, 18 April 2010 in North London, UK. About 20 or more bright white lights grouped together in one part of the sky, which at first looked like stars. Upon closer inspection, they were moving slowly towards and around eachother changing their formation. Three of us all saw the same thing, but could only see them with sunglasses on because the sun was so bright. They were far too

  9. Yes i saw the same thing but in broad day light while i was in Regents park with my family. My wife and i tryed to record it but with no luck. Not sure what the lights where but with a no fly zone in place, i am thinking i saw something different than a normal plane or aircraft

  10. Hi I am just bursting to tell you about this,,,,<br /><br />UFOs Two of them God !!!!!!!! 18th / 4/2010 around 4…<br /><br /><br /><br />Swinging around each other playing what looked like they were doing.. <br /><br /><br /><br />They were Triangle shaped and I can&#39;t believe how much people discribed the same thing seen on your site!<br /><br /><br /><br />Black Triangles with a bright

  11. Time: 8pm – 9:30 pm<br />(April 26th, 2010)<br /><br />Sighting City: Taos<br /><br />Sighting State: NM<br /><br />Witnesses: 4+ people<br /><br />Shape: Small connected Orbs<br /><br />Last night while I was laying down watching a movie I got up to get something to drink. When I stood up from my bed I saw something from the corner of my eye through my blinds. I thought it was just the

  12. 28th april 2010 – roughly 6:20-6:30pm<br />I saw a bright light appear whilst moving, shot across my FOV and in 1-2 seconds it traveled the entire night sky and disapeared whilst still moving. good clear weather conditions. I froze and just looked into the darkness.

  13. In Monroe, North Carolina…for the past 2 months I&#39;ve seen a single bright light (at first I though it was a shoot start but too bright and low) come out of no where, shoot either downward or across the sky and then just vanish. I told my kids abt it this past tuesday (may 4 2010) and they kind of laughed…but tonight while driving with my 9yr old it happened again..and he saw it too!!!

  14. Date: May 8, 2010<br /><br />Time: 09:40 PM<br /><br />Sighting City: Boulder<br /><br />Sighting State: co<br /><br />Witnesses: 6<br /><br />Shape: Triangle<br /><br /><br /><br />Me and five other of my friends where up and playing soccer and all at the same time saw a triangle shape in the sky. But then we realized that the light was getting bigger and was moving towards the rocky mountains

  15. Myself and my dad saw a UFO in our hometown of Manchester, Tennessee. We had left walmart and were going home then while we were on the interstate on our way home, my dad pointed and said &quot;What is that!?&quot; I looked out the window and there was a triagular black thing with white lights on it hovering over the interstate. To me it looked like it was very close to the car. It was close

  16. i saw five of them yesterday in london, five red/orange round lights following each other very slow…did someone see it too???<br />First were 3 of them in triangle shape and then 2 others followed, very strange, lower than planes not making any noise, at 00:38 am!!!

  17. hay hows it goin all well im in the australian army and am overseas at the moment and i was up early a couple of mornings ago sitting outside have a cigarette at about 2am and i saw this strange looking aircraft or so i thought. it was square in shape with a dim yellow light in each corner,one big light in the middle and 3 small lights at the front in the direction it was going ok this thing was

  18. ok so i was staying at this country house on an island about 2 hours north of stockholm, sweden for the weekend.<br />around midnight on saturday (sunday morning 5.16.10) i went out on the balcony for a smoke. up in the sky i saw what looked like a planet only about 2 or 3 times more luminescent and much fuzzier too. i thought maybe it could have been a plane but it wasnt moving. <br />it was

  19. A few weeks ago, news stations were announcing a meteor shower or something. i was so excited because im into all that stuff, a science nerd. my grandfather and i were out in the back yard setting up a scope for a rifle because i dont have a telescope, as we were positioning it, we suddenly saw this bright blue-ish light, it looked like an LED light. it was very high in the sky, but still visible

  20. Place of sighting: Laredo, Texas<br /> Date of sighting: 5-8-2010<br /><br /> Description: I was outside watering grass with my wife. She suddenly said &quot;look its a shooting star&quot; but when I looked I was like no. This was an orange orblike ufo. this thing kept going straight north then suddenly turned west. we were able to see it for a good 5 minutes. I personally had no doubt it

  21. Kristina H. said…<br /><br />Place of sighting: Prescott, AZ<br />Date of sighting: 5-20-10<br /><br />Description: I was outside at 2:00pm on May 20th and I saw a white light (looks like a star) but it was pulsating from bright to dim. It was slowly moving to the north. Then I realized there were two more white lights with it (these two are not as bright) and they were in a triangle formation

  22. Last night in Carlsbad around 930PM, i was driving down by the beach and noticed a very bright light rather low in the sky over the ocean. At first i thought it was an airplane, or maybe a marine helicopter. However i noticed that the light was not flashing,and it didnt seem to be moving at all. I pulled over on a side street so i could get a better look, where i sat for almost an hour watching

  23. On Sunday May 23rd, I was laying in the sun in Garrat lane park, earlsfield, london. It was about 1pm on one of the hot sunny days we&#39;ve just had, with clear skies and not clouds at all. As I had my sunglasses on, I could see more in the sky. As I was looking up I noticed a small white ball like object moving slowly from the East towards the sun. It then stopped and didn&#39;t move for about

  24. i think i saw a ufo. im not sure exactly when but i think it was in summer of 2003 0r 2004<br />it was long time ago but im posting it now be cause i thought no one would belive me. any ways we were taking the boat out in the florida keys to fishing at night probley about 8 or 9 o clock i looked up in the sky and looked at the stars but one star caught my eye so i stared at it then it started to

  25. Your Name: William<br />Place of sighting: Augusta Georgia<br />Date of sighting: 5/25/2010<br /><br />Description: Well about 6pm-7pm While flying a kite i saw something that liked like something shining very high up (no trail behind) It showed for only about 10 seconds moving at a very fast pace(VERY fast) before disappearing.

  26. Lately,there is a lot UFO activity in Kupres and only one is filmed.Im trying to be prepared because they are fast,and if i got one im surely reporting it

  27. 6/4/2010 6:20 a.m. Had my very first UFO sighting today, it was wild… it seemed to be falling, the angle was all wrong for a plane flying straight. The jet stream stayed the same length and was only there for a minute, then it seemed to be stationary for like 5 minutes before it disappeared below the tree-line and it was circular shaped by that point…. only noticed it after a friend looked up

  28. Location: Maricopa, Az.<br />Date: 24 May 10 <br />Time: Around 9 o’clock pm<br />Skies: Clear<br /><br />Well, thanks to this site I think it’s time for me to report my sighting also. Knowing that others have seen basically the same objects that I observed on the night of 24 May is going to make this interesting.<br /> <br />I departed my house in route to Phoenix for some last minute

  29. I saw the same cigar shape just this morning as seen in the shot over the arizona desert 2 weeks ago. i stood in my yard while walking the dog, i would say 6:30 am and watched a cigar shape, no sound, no identification, no obvious windows, no wings, just slowly meander over the tehachapi valley, over golden hills, over the 58 freeway and head due north. yes, i know we are near Edwards and i am ex

  30. I saw 4 silver lights lastnight in England, above a village called Paulton. This took place at 23:40 and lasted 10 minutes. I called my wife out to see them and we saw 2 more. They were bright silver lights flying very high and very fast, they went across the sky from one side to the other in 10-20 seconds and in diffe…rent directions. Im sure they were not planes or shooting stars.The whole

  31. man dont know what it takes to contact someone interested in vhs footage that im unable to post. gonna need someone to do it the old fashion way i dont even own a vcr anymore back in the 90&#39;s in simi valley calfornia i filmed a ball of light like we have all seen on video footage out there but i have about 8-10 seconds of footage like noone else has so since if you have a number i can call

  32. saturday 19th June, 2010<br /><br />over the sky of ararat i saw this bright orange ball twice.<br /><br />1st time 10:00pm ish- i said to my friend &quot;wow, look at that planet its so bright, ive never seen anything like it&quot;. we watched it for a few minutes and dedided it was moving and put it down to an aeroplane. then it moved right and disappeared.<br /><br />2nd time 11:00pm ish –

  33. 6.20.2010<br /><br /> My Husband and I were driving on South bound on the 5 freeway in Irvine, California around 9:20 p.m. and as we were getting on the the ramp to the 133 towards the 5 North I saw a flying saucer with white lights flying towards us. My husband couldn&#39;t believe it at first because he kept saying it was a blimp or something but he finally realized what we were seeing was

  34. Last night, June 20 2010, Amory, MS, I went to take the garbage out, during the first commerical break of TMZ. Which was around 9:08 Central Time.<br /><br />I always look up at the sky and wish upon a star. I looked up toward the North star and seen a bright object speeding. I zoomed outwards and seen another bright object speeding toward it. Right before they hit the one on the left, went

  35. Last night, June 20 2010, Amory, MS, I went to take the garbage out, during the first commerical break of TMZ. Which was around 9:08 Central Time.<br /><br />I always look up at the sky and wish upon a star. I looked up toward the North star and seen a bright object speeding. I zoomed outwards and seen another bright object speeding toward it. Right before they hit the one on the left, went

  36. This happened while attending college in Big Rapids, Michigan, the year about 1979.. It was a pitch black night, no moon light, lots of stars, and three of us were outside gazing up at the sky. I was looking up at nothing in particular when I noticed a bright light moving across the sky. however, it moved like nothing I ever saw or believe could move here on earth. the light moved at a fast

  37. Manchester England<br /><br />Above Droylsden at approx. 19:40 on Sunday 20th June 2010 an object at just below cloud height flew from West to East in a straight line at a constant speed. The object was black, triangular in shape and small, say smaller than private jet size. There was no obvious means of propulsion and it was in sight for approx. 45 to 60 seconds enough time to cover almost all

  38. So it was about 12 o&#39;clock in the morning. I was in Lewisburg, West Virginia. I couldn&#39;t sleep well and I looked out the window. I saw an object with 3 white-ish-yellow lights. It was just parked there, it looked like. Then I looked away to try to wake up my cousin, and I look back and it was gone. I told my mother about it, and she told me something strange. She grew up there and she

  39. Last night at 4 am I looked up in the sky and saw red, yellow, green, and blue pulsating lights in the sky. I kept watching and noticed there was another one. It would shoot back and forth in abrupt movements across the sky. I watched it for a while then called some of my friends and woke them up to tell them. While talking to one particular friend the object mad a big &quot;boom&quot; of light

  40. My husband and I sit out on our back deck just east of Fredericktown Missouri almost every night and watch the sky to spot meteorites and such. We see lots of planes and helicopters so we do know the difference. Tonight we were watching fireworks in our area and I pointed to what I thought was a fire ball from fireworks. It was south of us in the sky well above the trees. It was a big orange

  41. On July 3rd I was visiting family for fireworks in Crown Point Indiana. The night sky was very clear. I was sky gazing looking for satalites, and had allready spotted two. I thought I would maybe see the international space station. Just above the constellation scorpio I saw a bright star, I compared its movement to its neighboring stars. I moved then stopped, I pointed this out to the person

  42. On July 4th, my boyfriend and I were sitting up on our deck watching the neighborhood fireworks. We live on Long Island in NY and are in a flight path for Kennedy Airport. We are accustomed to planes flying in following one another I guess circling to get ready to land when it is their turn. At one point looking up into the Northwestern sky we were amazed to see at least 7 or 8 coming in a

  43. I was in Tucson,Az walking down an alley with a freind. When all of the sudden i looked up to look for a satelite or something when a transparant circle spaceship like with no lights traveled from west to east of the city. The object was going at high speed but visible. No noise was herd during this encounter real story. This happend today

  44. Harrah, OKLAHOMA July 4, 2010 <br />My husband and I were watching fireworks with our neighbors on the 4th and we all (5 total) seen very large orange glowing thing floating at a steady pace to the west…it seemed to have a bit of blue and it seemed a little blurry as well. Kind of reminded us of a hot air balloon glowing brightly from the inside. After several minutes of going west it

  45. At 1030pm on July 11 in Fairview Heights Illinois, 10 minutes east of St. Louis. A neighbor and I were chatting outside and from the east I noticed a large white glowing Aircraft flying from the East to west. Very large and at a very high altitude. It was traveling we guessed at twice to three times faster than a commercial aircraft. No, it was not a typical airplane with red, green and white

  46. I was going outside for a smoke break and looked up at the stars. I saw an orange-ish glowing star slowly starting to come over my house. At first I thought it was a plane but there weren&#39;t any blinking lights. It hovered over my town and then once it got a mile past our town the light vanished. It&#39;s not as amazing when reading it, and I thought the same thing, so I ran in to get my video

  47. July 11, 2010<br /><br />Time duration: ( 2105-2215 )<br /><br />Direction: North, North, by North West<br /><br />Position: 15 Degrees above horizon<br /><br />A squadron of five ( Extraterrestrial Space Craft ) were seen to be in formation in a stacked descending orientation as observed from our balcony deck area on this night. The most fore front craft was observed to be in full sequential

  48. me and my friends wer walking home when i heard a very loud noise and didnt sound like a helicopter nor an airplain and when i looked up i saw a helicopter that was chasing a glowing red shape that kept going down as if it was landing and as it kept going down it turned into a glowing green color and it didnt look as if it was trying to go fast but the helicopter looked as if it could barely keep

  49. I was walking home with my friends on july 14 2010 and around ten o clock we heard a very strange noise we look up and see that there is a helicopter chasing a glowing red object that seems to be landing. as the object kept going down it turned into a glowing green color. the helicopter seemed to be going as fast as it could to keep up with the object. but the object looked as if it was slowly

  50. I was sitting waiting for class in summer school in placentia california and I saw three triangles of light the point was red and the other two looked bright white.It basically appeared and disappeared in a blink of an eye. By the time I tried to say something it was gone but there was another witness who said they saw the same thing.

  51. Multiple &quot;unusual activities and spottings&quot; in Vail, CO area.<br /><br /> Where I live I have a great vantage point of the higher mt peaks and the valley floor. I see storms come and go from many angles. The last couple of yrs I have watched and observed the many &quot;chem trail&quot; patterns. I have noticed how the cloud patterns have changed and the storm cycles have changed and the

  52. From my house in Southern California, last night I saw a star about 11PM which was moving. We are near enough to the coast that the overcast was thick enough to hide most of the stars, but this shined through. It kept moving from North to South. I used my binoculars, and noticed that the shape of the thing kept changing, from round to oblong, and sometimes it had a red tail. It was definitely not

  53. Muskoka Ontario!<br /><br />tonight i saw at least five… one was brighter then the others and stayed put while some just passed by. it kept on changing lights, ingio and red…. wasn&#39;t a plane or satellite because it was hovering and had no coarse but then would change positions.

  54. I don&#39;t have a video but I give u my word. Tonight is august 12, 2010. The night of the Perseus meteor shower. At around 11:03 I went out to look to see if there were any meteor falling. As I position my eye at one focus point I saw a glow on the right side of me. I can see a bright star. Then out of that bright star appeared a moving star. I had my barska binocular with me so I followed the

  55. Was out with my friend trying to look for shooting stars from the recent activity this week. i saw a &#39;object&#39; starting to move across the sky quite fast then stopped dead still going north west. then another one appeared next to it and they started to move together west. getting brighter then dimming down and losing sight of them and appearing again they kept going quite fast ascross the

  56. I went on line to see if there were any unusual sightings in the sky on Friday the 13th and was very surprised when I saw your web sight. We have a cabin in upper Michigan about 30 minutes west of Alpena in Montmerency County. On Friday the 13th we (myself, my daughter, son-n-law and grandson) were sitting outside by our bonfire and star gazing, this was around 10:45, when 2 orange fire light

  57. Wed 8-18-10 Redmond Oregon about 12:30 am.<br /><br />I was in my front yard on 19th St and watched as several fire trucks and police cars went by, after they were gone and it was quiet again, I started looking at the night sky. As I looked NE a bright reddish colored object appeared at about satellite height, but this was NO satellite! As I watched it it would make erratic movements and then

  58. I live in a small town in Benalla Victoria Australia. Last night (being the 25th August 2010) I got up to my 17 month old baby at 3am and had put her back to bed. Thought that I better get some wood for our wood heater. So headed outside into the cold and as I crouched down to pick up the wood then stand up again, a bright bright object in the sky caught my eye. At first I thought how unusual for

  59. I&#39;m currently on holidays in Italy,in a seaside town called Francavilla al Mare (near Pescara) which is in the Abruzzo region. Last night at around 11.30 pm we saw 6 large bright orange/red lights travel from close to sea level up into the sky, they hovered, then moved further up and disappeared right up into the atmosphere. They moved together with the first few leading and the others

  60. **LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER**PLEASE HELP**<br /><br />fri, aug 27th, i was sitting with my dad outside my house in northwestern, PA. it was around 8:30 or 9pm, around that time you see satellites and such reflecting the suns light back to earth. we saw what we orginally thought to be a satellite come up from behind the house. im not exactly sure which end of the sky this was (i think north). i

  61. aug, 30th 2010, we are on upper dwyer hill rd. ontario and what my son and i have seen last night makes us wander if there is something going on in our sky&#39;s. at 8:40 pm+- i saw a blast of white light in the south west, then strob lights started up. i thought where did that come from and watched this triangular thing?. with a bank of square lights on the back head off for a few minutes (i was

  62. September 2nd 2010 at approximately 20.55.<br />I live in Ripley, Derbyshire, UK.<br />Was opening the window in one of the bedrooms when I saw a very very bright light which was much larger than a planes white light, heading straight over our house from a westerly direction towards the east.<br />The white light was about 10 times the size of a regular star and it was moving at quite a low

  63. Sept 4 2010 at approx. 9:45 pm.<br />I live in Shirley , Long Island <br />My girlfriend and I both saw two lights at a very high altitude that seemed to be following each other. They moved at a very slow pace ,never getting closer or further apart from eachother.There was no noise and they were not connected because we could see stars between them as they moved across the sky.We joked that we

  64. On Sept.4th around 11:30pm a bunch of us were on the deck hanging out after attending a fest in Lemont, Il. At that time we all notices around ten orange disc shaped objects speeding across the sky. I could tell that they were quick because a jet flew underneath them. I tried to judge how fast they were going but all i can say is that they were quick. Did anyone else see these?

  65. I saw a UFO on the night of Aug 28 2010 in Albuquerque, NM, near Coors and Montano. At first I thought it mught have been an airplane, but as soon as I thought that, it made some figure 8 movements then stopped. Once it started moving again it moved in and S pattern torwards the ground then shoot straight back up. It was about 3 miles from me and about 1/4 to 1/2 mile up from the ground. I knew

  66. hi im eric i am at my house and there has been asighting of shoonooks helicopters cobra helecopter and a invisible flying object with barely any sound moving faster than the speed of sound. thinking that it might be an f16 fighter jet a f22 raptor jet or an unknown ufo object. Location: Westchester los angeles california september 7 2010

  67. Has anyone else seen the UFO traveling across the sky during the Perseid Meteor Shower? I live in Arizona, and my kids and I watched a very distant UFO moving across the sky for about 10 minutes, a little before 9pm MST on Fri. 9/10/2010. To me, it seemed like it was lightyears away, was just way too far, definitely was not any known aircraft, it looked like a distant star moving. But was pretty

  68. i swear on my life i just saw a ufo hover over my shed onto route 21 in doylestown ohio. im very nervous right now, it had a very reflective surface, almost mirror like, and a very bright LED-ish blue on the bottom. no sound very slow. saucer shaped. very scared right now. if anyone else saw it in my area contact me 330 208 5006

  69. My son and I witnessed our first UFO sighting. It occurred approximately around 9:25pm on the evening of Sept. 25th, 2010. We both saw two red glowing orbs moving towards us in the night sky. They appeared to move at different speeds hence they were not the same object. They seemed to stop and hover near the outskirts of our town here in Woodstock,NB Canada. They hovered there for approximately

  70. Last night in Centerville,Texas between 9:25 and 9:30. I went out onto the back porch so smoke and was sitting on to steps facing pretty much due north by the North Star. I was looking towards the eastern sky over top of the peak of the house to where I often saw a satellite traveling through the Pegasus constilation.<br /> As I looked I saw a shadow fly in front of the stars I was looking

  71. Its about 4:05 am I have just seen multiple UFO&#39;s from my back deck. I live in northwest Ga close to I-85 North and Hwy 124.One was a very bright colored one, it changed colors from green,white,blue and red the object would release light like a tail. A smaller circular object that at first we believed was a star traveled to the brighter circle and went into it. Further to the left a bright

  72. In San Leandro, California Oct 5, 2010 around 1pm, I just happened to look out my window and saw a bright silver ball shaped object ascending in the blue sky for about 10 seconds then disappeared. I said that had to be an airplane so I took my binoculars and didn&#39;t see anything.

  73. Can you please check into this.Seen news reports of UFO`s in China.There is a video from a news cast on ABC.Thank-you<br />New Sighting of UFO Over China<br /><br />14 hours ago – ABC News 0:38 | 3626763 views<br /><br />Airport in inner Mongolia is reportedly shut down because of UFO sightings.

  74. On October 6th in or near Lexington Kentucky i was looking eastward and saw three bright lights, i thought were stars. What was weird about it is i noticed they were moving. 6 of us observed this, it was heading eastward towards Richmond Kentucky. The first light faded out, then another followed and finally the third followed. These lights were in a triangle shape and were brighter than anything

  75. GAL FED ARMADA OF 70 UFO IN V FORMATION FLY OVER MONTREAL<br /><br />GALACTIC FEDERATION ARMADA OF 70 UFO IN V FORMATION AT LOW ALTITUDE FLY OVER ASTRAELIA HOME IN MONTREAL, IT HAS BEGUN…<br /><br />Montreal, Sunday oct 3 2010, 9 1/2 pm.<br />from Astraelia <br /><br />(Astraelia a contactee for the Galactic Federation of Light, is the discoverer of the Sacred Site of Matawini, an ancient

  76. On September 24th, 2010 at approximately 1115pm I was letting my dog out for is nightly usual when I noticed and object flash and it got my attention since i was looking at the moon waiting on the dog.<br />This object flashed once and moved again from southwest to the northeast. I live just outside Dresden,Ohio about 2.5 miles.<br />This object made several stops in the sky before going out of

  77. I was watching an airplane in the sky when all of the sudden a bright light to the left of the plane flashed a solid bright white light The pilot had to have seen the light

  78. My husband and I were fishing in Highlands, NJ yesterday Oct. 13, 2010, it was late afternoon between 3:00-4:00. I was just sitting on the beach relaxing and when I looked up, in front of some trees was this shiny object it almost looked see thru with shiny edges. It hovered for a few seconds then rose above the trees and it looked like it turned into a white ball and then took off into the sky

  79. October 13, 2010 UFO Massive Sighting is partially true.<br /><br />Because it already occurred since as as early as September 28, 2010 up to this date at Antipolo City, Philippines.<br /><br />Massive UFO sighting in our place here at Antipolo City Philippines, morning and especially at dusk. Bright yellow/white light hovering around at 8:30AM on September 28, 2010. Dark Cigar shaped UFO

  80. pennsylvania:U.S.A.:Spencer P.<br />at approx. 1:08am on the day of 10/16/10 i sighted a U.F.O. due to my insomnia. this U.F.O. was a large orange ball which hovered in mid air for about 3 minuets then it shot off towards Maryland at what i would geuss to be several thousand km/hr.

  81. Me and a group of friends went outside near Main st in Richmond,Va around 2:30am the 17th of Oct. We seen three lights. Two of which were flashing. Other people walking and driving seen it too and stopped. They tried to drive and walk to find a source but never did! It seemed to hover for a long time and move slow at times side to side.<br /><br />I was never big on UFO sightings but after last

  82. hi, i live in carbon, texas(eastland county) and i was taking my kids to school this morning, a little before 7am, still dark outside. i kept staring at this strange light in the sky and told my kids to look at it. of course i thought, the moon, but it definately wasn&#39;t. it was bright red, like a huge half circle and it just kind of floated up in the sky. it was almost as if the colors would

  83. i dont think my original posting showed up , so here it is again. i was taking my kids to school early this morning, still dark out. i live in carbon, texas..close to eastland. i saw this thing in the sky, it looked like a huge half circle, bright red/orange color. i kept thinking to myself and asked my kids is that the moon? it was the strangest thing ive ever seen. it was almost as if the color

  84. UFO Sighting 9:05PM AEST Chippy Norton, Sydney, NSW, Australia<br /><br />I saw this flying object hovering at low altitude on sunday night. The front of this object have a bunch of lights with more than 6 lights in multiple colours, i then look back of the light and saw the entire object shape as triangle, it move in straight light then do a you turn which isn&#39;t like any helicopter i have

  85. On Monday October 25, 2010 I saw a bright white light cross the sky. Then I noticed a smaller white light following in the same path behind it. The lights were not blinking or did not fade. They were solid in color as they crossed the sky. Does anyone know what this could be?

  86. I live in Rochdale, North of Manchester in the UK. At approximately 1845 hrs I saw an object heading northwards on a straight course as I looked east out of my window. It was an orange light but I could not make out any other details. It was at a fairly low altitude as I saw an plane circling on its approach to Manchester Airport going in the opposite direction a few thousand feet higher than

  87. I&#39;m standing on my balcony looking at a very bright triangular object. It&#39;s been here for a solid hour now. It gets extreamly bright, with what appears to be orange lights, sometimes with a flash of red or blue. I&#39;m in Terre Haute, Indiana. I actually took a pic with my iPhone, but it just looks like a small white light in the middle of a black screen. My kids have been watching it

  88. Santa Barbara, California. Approximately 9:15 p.m. Driving down 154. 5 &quot;lights&quot; in the sky circling slowly around each other. At the same time the unit was moving slowly and somewhat gracefully to the left and right of the horizon about 60 degrees above us. Then the individual circular &#39;lights&#39; all joined together into one single light, and then it disappeared. The whole thing

  89. Hello all.<br />My name is Martin Reev and I have just been watching a re run of a series from Ghost Hunters, TAPS. The series is called &quot;Spirits on the water&quot; from San Diego.<br />Approximately 15 minutes into the show, where Jason is sitting on top of a boat talking about footsteps he and Grant had heard, a streak of light goes from the top right of the screen downwards to his left

  90. Melbourne, Australia. I don&#39;t believe in ufo&#39;s but today driving south along Warrigal Road about to cross North Road about 4.45pm, I noticed this weird almost see-through blue/aqua light moving quickly across the sky from east to west. Not a plane or helicopter or anything else that makes sense so maybe someone can tell me that I&#39;m not going mad and offer a logical explanation for

  91. Not sure what it was, but at 2:30am on nov 1, 2010 over Orange County, USA, i saw a really bright flashing light in the sky. pretty bright and semi blu-ish. It flashed randomly and at different intensities. The source was a dot like a bright star. it stood still for a long time then loved northerly while still blinking then stopped again. it didnt make a noise, the the light wasn&#39;t a beam,

  92. My friend and I were visiting with my mother and my uncle near Mena, Arkansas the weekend of October 16, 2010. We were staying in a small camper on my uncles land, the door was facing the west where we had a good view of the treeline and the mountains in the beyond. At about 2 a.m. we were watching through the camper window (looking out to the west) and noticed a small cluster of red, blue, and

  93. Location: surry county North Carolina-Around 11:00 I Saw a Badge Shaped craft flying near my house it had one constant light on the bottom of it. It looked like a star at first then it kept getting closer… it moved really slow and it eventually banked up and turned away from me which is when i began to see the shape of it. Looked just like a policemans badge. It made no sound as i watched but i

  94. I am in Perth (East Victoria Park) Western Australia: Past two nights very strange lights hovering over the North Eastern Horizon probably over the Darlington Glen Forest Area. About 50-65 degrees on the compass lower on the horizon. <br /><br />I live on one of the highest points in the metropolitan Perth area the only location of similar height is Kings Park and we are about equal height to the

  95. Lower Hutt, New Zealand. 7 November around 8:50pm. A very bright orange light exacly like the one seen over Auckland on the 31 October 2010 was seen approaching from the south-east direction above the horison of the Rimutaka Hills. At first I thought it was a flare from the Guy Fawkes celebrations but it kept on traveling over the sky and then gradually change direction from a north westerly

  96. I live ten minutes outside of Richmond VA. it was November 14th, 3:00 am, 2007. (I just recently discovered your website.) I was driving home from my boyfriend&#39;s house, down Pole Green Road, when I noticed what appeared to be a falling meteor or comet, it had an orange tail behind it, and was very far away. I was interested but lost sight of it behind the various trees and houses, and just

  97. At about 12:08am on November 7th, 2010 in Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683, I was having a fire outside with my friend. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a bright light. I looked up and saw a bright green triangle that appeared to be flashing. It shot away as fast as a shooting star and disappeared. It was as big as a cigarette butt held at arms length away. My friend also saw the same thing with

  98. 0100 hours Sunday. I did see something undefined by the laws of nature and simply unseen in modern aircraft streak across the night sky of Rogers, Tx in Bell County. Lately friends and others have also seen such things. I have never seen this kind of thing before. I do know it was nothing from Ft. Hood and nothing civilian can move the way this object moved. I wish I had a camera or something. My

  99. On October 31 2010, what appeared to be Venus started to move slowly and going backwards.I found it odd but didn&#39;t think of it as anything till it started to make fast moves from point to point LIKE it was bouncing off 2 walls.It quickly stopped and it stood at the same spot for a couples of minutes, then it started to move at slow speed making the letter W 4 times and within a split second

  100. Sighting at approx.02:55am – 03:15am,Wednesday 10 November 2010. Location:Above airfield on an Army camp near Thirsk,North Yorkshire,UK.<br />Ive just got back from walking the dog on camp. Whilst out I noticed 3 red lights hanging in the sky.I watched them for a few moments,during which time they did nothing.Then,as I bent down to untangle my dogs lead from his paw,I noticed one of the lights

  101. Re: sighting on Army base,near Thirsk,North Yorkshire,UK. 10th November 2010.<br />Further to my previous comment,I should have said that I have seen things like this here before.I am an insomniac and take my dog for walks at all kinds of hours,every day and it has been my privilege to see many anomalous lights over the years.<br />This is the first time I have posted on this site and this

  102. Date: November 2, 2010<br />Time: 18.50 hour<br />Location: Heerlen, Netherlands<br />It was dark outside, clouded with both high and a few lower clouds (the lower clouds were white and you could see them well against the dark high clouds). No stars were visible. I saw a bar/stripe/cigar shaped light come flying by my house at very high speed, against the direction from which the wind came. It

  103. 10:40 just saw about 5-8 lights in j or u formation shoot across sky in Milton, Delaware. Let my dog out to pee and she runs out to middle of yard and looks straight up into the sky so i looked up and saw the lights moving as 1 unit. Not sure if it was sitting there or if i caught it while in flight but it has made a believer out of me. No colored lights, they looked like stars but moving

  104. November 2010 Valley Springs, CA – a family member took her dog out to relieve herself and noticed a lot of strange lights in the sky – the sky was moving with probably 20 or so cone shaped objects. One came down in the distance where there are no houses. There was no sound and the lights were very bright and flashing. It scared my family member.

  105. Driving up ayr road today on the outskirts of the southside of glasgow about 5pm, about 1500 – 2000 feet in the air i saw a very bright shiny metalic object, it disapeared for a moment then as i drove on it appeared again…did any one else see it.?? was brilliant and had us totaly captivated.

  106. Well I have never posted anything of this nature before, but I find it interesting that when I was younger I had seen a triangle like craft flying over the city. Then I just thought weird but grown and have seen a UFO and hearing from past experiences from others I now think that was one too. <br /><br />It must have been about 1997 yr more or less but around 9pm in Mesa, AZ walking back home I

  107. Has this video been up on this site before? I found this while I was searching for some new UFO videos posted on youtube and thought sendin you guys a link and you can decide from there if you want to put this on your site as a report or not.. I thought it was interesting and looks kind of hard to fake, since a police squad is involved and trucks with contrainers hiding something, rolling all

  108. Hello Martin Reeve with you.<br />On Sunday 14th Nov at approx 04.20am I went outside to look at the sky, as it was very clear with lots of stars and as I have always been interested in things I cannot explain on many occasions, I look out as often as possible.<br />On that morning I had seen a couple of satellites high up and was about to go in doors, as it was very cold, when I saw a flash out

  109. Hello. Just had a call this morning from my girlfriend, who is quite skeptical about ufo and such like. She is a care worker and starts work quite early at around 06.30. At 07.00 she called me to say that she had just witnessed something very strange in the morning sky.<br />It was a very bright light, which was low in the sky, which she thought was the local police helicopter and is often seen,

  110. Hi i live in mission Texas, me and my brother were in my backyard at about 9 30 at night on November/19/2010 smoking cigs.When a neon green orb appeared in the sky,a bout a couple of football field behind my house then it hovered for about a second, then it swiftly moved straight down it took about a second to move behind the tree line, me and my brother were freaking out trying to debunk it.

  111. This happen on Friday approx 400 am November 26, Ontario Canada Mississauga border and halton region ,, At work having a ciggy in the outside smoking section,Saw a bright white light saucer shape in the west horizon moving Vertical at a high rate of speed , Very fast, Anybody else in this area see it,,

  112. Tonight 29.11.2010 whilst walking the dog, I glanced up and saw a green, donut shape on it&#39;s side, moving at speed, which then disapeared. Cloudless sky. About 5.30pm

  113. Sept17-Nov24 2010, Altoona, Florida 6:30 pm clear night. I have seen this really bright star now since Sept. I first noticed it because it was so bright and twinkled excessively.Something about it just did not look right.Then one night I noticed it was blinking red,blue,green and amber.I got my binoculars out and looked through them and it seemed to be a sphere shape.Now I live not too far from

  114. its not so much a UFO sighting but i think i have been abducted. I was 12 and i was woke up 1 nite and it was around 3am and i cudnt get bak to sleep so i listend 2 my ipod. Then i heard this thudering noise and cuz i sleep rite next 2 my window i saw this weird and black shadow comming towards me slowly. I though i was dreaming so i just stared at it. Then i felt this haevy power pressed againt

  115. I just saw three UFO&#39;s in Triangular formation over the East End of London. I live in Wanstead and my wife called me out for a few mins and they were very bright until they faded away…. I&#39;d say they disappeared at 6.35pm but i saw them for at least 10 mins!

  116. downtown miami.. weird red and green light moving back and forth for the past 1 1/2 hours.. dont know what it is, still going on as of now. goes from light red to green then dark red at some points..

  117. I live in Vancouver BC. Today i was walking my dog around 6:10 pm tonight around east Vancouver when I looked up in the sky. I saw a gigantic bright blue object swiftly flying across the sky. It was glowing and fairly close to the ground (under the clouds).It was moving so quickly that it had a tail, but im 100% sure it wasn&#39;t a comment because it was to close to the ground and to big. In a

  118. I live in Northeast Kentucky, and tonight as I was watching the meteor shower, at around 10 minutes &#39;til 3 a.m. I saw this V shape fly over. It didn&#39;t have any lights, and the only reason I could see it was that it was at least a couple shades lighter than the sky above it. At first I thought it was a flock of birds or some bats flying over, but then it dawned on me that it&#39;s around 0

  119. In 2009 I was on my way home from school with my Grandmother in Oak Ridge TN. I was in the passenger side of the van. I looked out the window and saw a large silver object not to high up or far away. At first i thought it was a blimp or a large silver balloon but as i watched it i realized that the object was much to large to be a balloon and too small to be a blimp. It was going at a steady 30

  120. i live in Wisconsin and i saw three lights in the sky that were moving in perfect formation. i know what i saw and it wasn&#39;t no airplane nor satellite. if u no about the whole aera 51 like i do, then u no the truth and what is going on in aerea 51. because ive seen the place but havent been inside. but i saw the ufos. with us symbols and they just hovered over me without makin a sound.

  121. Hi a few hours ago between 9.30 &amp; 10.30. my guess <br />I saw some lights over Auckland (from the center nth west sideof princes Wharf) I pointed them out to several patrons of Limon resturante &amp; some staff at Buffalo bar,<br />there was a stream all following a similar patern, though several did deviate, rising up over the bridge at the north end as if heading south west, then at thier

  122. December 13, 2010 Sighting over Treasure Island Florida at 10:15 P.M. Orange glowing lights up to 20 at one time out over the Gulf of Mexico. At 9:45 also saw 3 lights in rectangle that merged into one an left at a rapid pace to the south.

  123. At 7:45pm December 23 2010 in Spring Hill Florida I saw a bright light about the size of a dime in the sky. Just as i noticed the craft it shot up into a pin point dot in the sky at a 20 degree angle. The light that was left turned to a beam then followed almost as if it stretched then vanished. This happed in the north east sky.

  124. Hello! I&#39;m from Mexico City, Today I was having dinner with my family, then when I wanted to close the curtains of the dining room I saw a bright red dot skies of Azcapotzalco at 10:40pm outside. At the beggining I thought that that thing was the front light of an airplane coming right to us, but that red dot shaked slowly left to right… then moved a little bit to the west. Then, quickly I

  125. i dont got pictures nor a video but me and 2 other peeps just witness a ballon shape on the bottom with a firey flame on the top flew fast then slow then fire flame was blinking into the sky and fading away little by little until it was gone. its december 24, 2010 ..sighted in brooklyn

  126. I love UFOs!!! (PUEBLA, MEXICO)<br />And im damn sure i saw a 3 kilometer long triangular or square shaped object above a store named OXXO in Puebla yesterday, December 31st 2010, it was enormous, transparent with 3 or 4 lights at the extremes, i thought it were artificial lights because of new years eve, HELL NO!!! 2 lights were moving down at the same time while the other 2 lights were going up

  127. I love UFOs!!! (PUEBLA, MEXICO)<br />And im damn sure i saw a 3 kilometer long triangular or square shaped object above a store named OXXO in Puebla yesterday, December 31st 2010, it was enormous, transparent with 3 or 4 lights at the extremes, i thought it were artificial lights because of new years eve, HELL NO!!! 2 lights were moving down at the same time while the other 2 lights were going up

  128. on dec.30th 2010 i saw i something in the sky thought it was a star but it kept changing colors orange- green -blue then it split in 2 and a beam of light was connecting them this sighting lasted about 15 minutes then it just vanished i am from boyertown ,pa

  129. Driving back from the town of Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland last night, my girlfriend and I saw a large green orb-like object come into view. It was definitely in the atmosphere and following a trajectory but then sped up incredibly at a pace no aircraft could match. It was not a comet and did not look like a &#39;ufo&#39; it was however not an aircraft and had a distinctly &#39;live&#39; feel


  131. I live in Boulder, Colorado and saw 3 three orange lights at around 12:10am on New Years Eve 2011. I noticed the first light as it rose from the horizon and stopped, hovering perfectly stationary for a couple of minutes before two more rose below it. The lights were in a line, much like a constellation, and did not move. For reference these lights appeared nearly identical to those captured in

  132. On Dec 28, 2010, I was walking my dog at about 8 pm. I had stopped at the Frog City Truck Stop in Rayne, LA. It was a very clear night and I was wishing I could see the stars past the bright lights in the parking lot. I was facing east and sensed movement over my right shoulder. It took several seconds for my brain to process what I was seeing. There was a V shaped object, about the size of a

  133. while walking to Morasons in chingford at 08-01-2011 13:30 approx I saw a boomerang red shape very high in the sky it moved towards east London in clear view for about 2 mins then went behind clouds, My girlfriend also saw it clearly and about 6 or 7 people at the W16 bus stop were also looking and pointing at the object. it was like a red stick of rock that was bent in to a triangle shape with

  134. I was just wondering if there will be a report or post coming soon regarding the mass fish and bird deaths that have been happening over the last couple of weeks? Experts say it&#39;s a common occurrence, but I&#39;ve never heard of 2 million fish washing up, 40 thousand crabs dying and being brought to shore, 5000 birds falling dead from the sky in Arkansas, 8000 turtle doves with a strange

  135. last night i was outside walking my dog and when i looked north twards the horizon i saw two beams of light one kinda orange one white and was flashing.. they were both completly vertical, kinda looked like the light on top of the luxor casino in las vegas but im in upstate new york and we have no lights like that anywheres near us.. what was really freaky is that the one like was flashing on and

  136. Last night around 11 pm, two of my friends and me were driving home on I-70 from Hays KS, the next town over when out of no were all the stars and the moons light were gone and a fog in the sky came out of no were in seconds. At the same time a large bright light appeared in the sky far away that looked like a meteor headed towards earth. After a minute or two, the light was within a few miles

  137. I was driving to Fort Worth on I-35 going North near Itasca this morning about 9:30am (1/27/2011). I saw what seemed to be a large helicopter hovering completely still about 1/8 mile to the left of me (over a field) and about 700ft or so above the ground. As I got closer, I saw that it was no helicopter, but an elongated oval shaped object. I watched it for about 3 seconds and it instantaneously

  138. I am from Nairobi Kenya and I never believed in UFOs until I saw an object last week on 21st January 2011. It was around 7.30pm as we were in traffic going back home when I noticed a low flying object, with a blue fluorescent light along its edges hovering just above some trees in a park. It also had a red blinking light on top. I immediately alerted my husband who also saw it. It then turned

  139. just saw 16 UFO&#39;s over by Animal Crackers Nursery School….there was 10 there flying in pairs….then after by the elementary school i saw 6…they were huge bright redish orange, and silent, they moved fast before flickering out, those ones flew 3 at a time…what the hell does this mean<br /><br />‎Sunday, ‎September ‎26, ‎2010, ‏‎<br />At 8:00PM on Landry Drive in North Attleboro

  140. My encounter with a ufo happened last year in the summer(of 2010) when i was arriving back home from a long night ( no alcohol or drugs were involved). i had showed back at home in my truck when i was just sitting there in my parking spot out here in lac du bonnet mb, when a light glowing red blue and white in the left corner of my eye. It started moving back and forth but returning to the same

  141. I am from a small town in manitoba called Lac Du Bonnet. I live in the Rural municipality ( R.M) north of Lac Du Bonnet. my encounter had happened last spring ( 2010 ) when i was arriving back home from a long night. ( no drugs or alcohol were involved) i had just turned off my truck but i was gazing at the stars when a red, blue, and white light had appeared in the left corner of eye. when i

  142. My husband was on our back patio in Maran AZ looking to the east and over the top of the Catalina mountains there was this large object just hovering there. He called me out and it would flas differnt colors from time to time and it just stayed there. I immediantly went to local radio stations to see if anyone else could see it, but nothing. We did call a friend and he swa the same thing and said

  143. So I went camping this past summer up in Hayward Wisconsin. And where our tent was it was surrounded with tall pine trees and trails. One night I woke up to go to the bathroom and I happened to look up. About 4 or 5 camp sites away there was this bright white light shining down from the tops of the trees. Wasn&#39;t making any noise and when I woke up the next morning there was nothing within

  144. We were observing the holy week at that time in Camiguin Island (1st week of April 2009). Camiguin is a small island located at the Southern Part of the Philippines. We were having family discussion in the balcony of our little cottage when we noticed two orange globes moved horizontally across the sky from right o left at about 100 to 150ft above the ground. They appeared flaming and there was

  145. February 10, 2011, (note that this day marks the new spiritual awaking into the start of a new dimension known as Myan and some others&#39; theories) I was walking into work, approximately 8:55 am (EST) and I was wearing my amber-lensed polarized &quot;Maui Jims&quot;, which enhance depth perception, give better contrast to color ration and make color much more vibrant, in turn contrasting

  146. No evidence, yet, but a relative two hours east of San Antonio, TX, has reported this less than an hour ago – others in her vicinity have been saying the same thing:<br /><br />&quot;I hav NEVER believed in ufo`s…the crazy kind…but im sitting n the living room sounds like an airplane landing on my roof.i go outside the is a brite lite circling n the sky the sound kums n goes the ufo circles 4

  147. On Sunday, Jan. 23rd, near Watsonsville, CA. on San Andreas Rd., while driving, in the direction of Moss Landing, I saw a mini star light that was hovering and turning itself on and off in a consistently timed pattern. I pulled over to the side of the road and first sat there dumbfounded, watching from behind the wheel. Upon realizing I needed to get of the car for a better view, I had already

  148. October 31, 1980, Halloween night. I was taking my two nephews trick or treating on the street we lived on (Sycamore Dr. North Augusta, S.C) It was a very clear night with many sparkling stars, I had taken my nephews to a neighbors house whom had not seen the boys for awhile the neighbor asked me if the boys could come in, I said yes but chose to stay outside. Standing at the drive, I heard a voice to my right side that said: ‘LOOK-UP!’ as I looked-up to my right I saw a metallic blue oval or cigar shaped vessel. It was very vibrant against the dark blue night sky. It had a light blue light in the front of it, and little white lights around the body of it. As I studied it, my mind played elimination as to what this was I was looking at. It stood absolute still as if it wanted me to see it in full. I heard the door handle to my neighbor house being opened, I then saw this vessel make three complete stop and go moves in a Z motion and within 3 seconds was out of my sight. I never told anyone, but to my surprise the next day Nov. 01 1980, The Augusta Chronicle read; UFO SIGHTING IN THE CSRA.

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