1. I saw the same cigar shape just this morning as seen in the shot over the arizona desert 2 weeks ago. i stood in my yard while walking the dog, i would say 6:30 am and watched a cigar shape, no sound, no identification, no obvious windows, no wings, just slowly meander over the tehachapi valley, over golden hills, over the 58 freeway and head due north. yes, i know we are near Edwards and i am ex

  2. Hi does the Laredo PRS have a website where people can visit? I was only able to find someones Facebook listing.
    Alot of refuse to even click on a facebook, its the absolute worst, page keeps reloading over and over, you can never type out a message without the page constiantly freezing up then the typing you did will suddenly catch itself up only to hang up again. That is a simple little cheap amateur page done on the cheap by someone not serious about presenting high quality web content From professional investigations. I was hoping to visit a website made by LaredoPRS.com to view some of the past stuff they have done, not sure but i guess their a small club with limited resources. I heard a IRN radio show they did that sounded fairly inteesting, but it cant be that they allow facebook to own and control all their media content, and are satisified with that basic level of contact to their past work results. I cant handle the reloading page every 50 seconds, scroling constiantly hanging up, no fun for anyone.
    If anyone knows their aebsite let me know its URL

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