1. UFO sighting in mid 60’s over the San Fernando Valley. Saw a large object just before dusk hovering over the #1 fareway/range area at Knollwood golf course in Granada Hills, California. This large object hovered about 1,000ft. up for about 10 minutes and made no sound at all, then flew straight up at great speed and out of sight in just a few seconds. From what I remember it was silverish in color with a double tear glowing light in the middle.

  2. In the past this list used to show the number of entries contained in each year. I used to like that functionality because I could then determine trends on UFO sightings. For instance, one could compare the number of sightings in 08′ to 09′ and gage the increase (decreases), or even use the numbers to determine a rate of increases for a yearly basis. Basically I miss the old list.

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