1. UFO sighting in mid 60’s over the San Fernando Valley. Saw a large object just before dusk hovering over the #1 fareway/range area at Knollwood golf course in Granada Hills, California. This large object hovered about 1,000ft. up for about 10 minutes and made no sound at all, then flew straight up at great speed and out of sight in just a few seconds. From what I remember it was silverish in color with a double tear glowing light in the middle.

  2. In the past this list used to show the number of entries contained in each year. I used to like that functionality because I could then determine trends on UFO sightings. For instance, one could compare the number of sightings in 08′ to 09′ and gage the increase (decreases), or even use the numbers to determine a rate of increases for a yearly basis. Basically I miss the old list.

  3. 1973 is not on the list?
    thats the year indiana was “invaded”, over 700 phone calls to first responders to report just one of those in the year long rash of sightings.

  4. i just had to come back and say, i never reported my sighting to a web site or anything until now(it was in 1973) i just recently started looking for other reports in case anyone saw the same one i did. we didn’t have the internet back then. There is one popular site i found that kept redirecting me to pay money to “join” so much i found it hard to even post my sighting,and after i did, i was not allowed to even see my post unless i paid money to join!
    i think this type of thing needs to be a service to those who see something and for people to openly discuss the topic to better understand what is going on and not allow money to get in the way. i know it costs money to run things and i encourage others to donate here if they can. i retired on a shoestring budget in a third world country and its hard for me to even get to a location to send money or even get an internet signal for that matter especially during covid lockdowns even if i could afford to send money every month to some website.
    i just wanted to document what happened to me somewhere before i die for others to know about it.I appreciate the chance to share with all of you without being chased for membership fees.

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