Cylinder-shaped object over Florida, US

Latest UFO sighting photograph – Daytime cigar-shaped object recorded in Florida on 13th January 2010.

cylinder-shaped ufo, metallic, silver ovni, recent footage, new, US, America
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source: mufon
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  1. Great stuff man and i love your site, i drop in everyday for the latest updates and truely appreciate people such as yourself who dedicate their time to such things…<br />peace, light and wisdom..

  2. What spins me out is that Tesla thoerised about ion-propelled aircraft and stated that they would be saucer or cigar shaped in appearance. The world really is amazing and as smart as we think we are, really we have only begun to unlock it&#39;s secrets. The greatest tragedy going on today is the smear campaigns that are conducted on people and scientists that show an interest in UFO&#39;s, or

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