Triangle shaped UFO recorded over Ireland

This video was already posted on our site – here -, but now I finally have more informations about this UFO sighting.


AMAZING footage of a UFO has been taken in Ireland – as The Sun re-launches the nation’s X-Files.
A triangular formation of lights was filmed flying at night at “incredible speed”.
Experts reckon the sighting near the River Liffey in Dublin could be a secret aircraft – or spacecraft.
Nick Pope, who probed mystery sightings for the MoD for three years, said: “The video seems to have been taken through a night scope and presumably shows things not visible to the naked eye.
“It appears to show a structured craft moving at incredible speed. The configuration of the lights is unlike any aircraft I’ve ever seen.
“It’s either some secret prototype aircraft or drone, or something considerably more exotic.”
Any sightings in Britain will NOT be officially recorded because the MoD last month axed the department probing mystery threats. Chiefs branded the Ł50,000-a-year department an “inappropriate use of defence resources”. It came despite the near TRIPLING of alleged UFOs between 2008 and last year’s 643.
The Sun will pick up the baton, and release a rundown of your sightings, like the MoD used to.
Nick said: “The MoD’s decision was bizarre. While I’m sure they’ll investigate sightings from pilots and anything unusual on radar, the public had nowhere to go. There’s massive public interest in this issue. If there’s something unusual in our skies, we need to know or we could be leaving ourselves open to terrorist attack.”
The MoD defended its decision to shut the UFO division.
A spokesman said: “We do not feel there is any military value in reviewing the public’s sightings.”

3rd February 2010 – One of our readers has submitted – this youtube – link; “Something fishy is going on here. This exact video was posted on youtube in Dec. 2008. The location was identified as Fremont, Cal. Someone is playing games.”

February 15, 2010 –  MSNBC tv news about V-shaped UFO video recorded near the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. – link

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  1. They may be dismantling military departments for these things specifically for the reason of showing that we're not a threat. It is my understanding that when they're provoked, it gets worse. See the battle of L.A. They just want us to disarm instead of being violent and a threat to ourselves and others like the war-mongers humans tend to be…

  2. these things are real we seen our first ufo last saturday morning over galway, nothing on this earth could move like it..

  3. I've just seen 4 lights in a triangular formation fly over South Dublin just after 11pm tonight. Not travelling very fast, about the height of an aircraft but no sound at all. First light out in front, 3 in a triangular formation behind. Middle light in the triangular formation behind moved slightly behind other 2 … weird. I never bought into UFO's but I can't explain what I've

  4. I did an investigation and so did Santiago Yturria and the video was recorded by the person that&#39;s You Tube Channel&#39;s named:&quot; dede95064 &quot; The videos name is:night vision / infrared ufo 002 the entire video was shot 12-05 09 in fremont Ca.<br />This guy also shot a similar video of another strange ufo v-formation the day before this video in question was shot! Any more info just

  5. i didn&#39;t get this on film, neither did the person claiming to have recorded it in Ireland, &quot;dede95064&quot;<br />recorded it from Fremont Calif. 12/5/09 and he&#39;s the only person to do so! I recorded another version of one from L.A.&amp; posted it onto my youtube page, and just last night, i posted an incredible video capture of 3 UFOs in a Triangle formation, as two Orb-UFOs fly thru

  6. I seen this too. Probably the same night as this was filmed. Seemed to be very very high up cos there was no sound at all from it, and it crossed the sky from horizon to horizon in a matter of minutes, so I assumed it must be something in a GS orbit.

  7. 0:46 the object goes over the obstruction which initialy looked like a conservertory building and may in deed be, be the object in question can clearly be seen flying infront of it an not behind. Conclude this to me someone with a laser pen with template of tops over the laser. Given the size of the dots the laser could have been no further than on the 10 feet away.<br />I look forward to being

  8. I can tell you exactly who filmed this.<br />There was a guy, named, NavajoJimmy. He filmed this in california, his youtube page is gone, it was one of my bookmarks and one day a year ago it said &quot;user no longer exists.&quot; he had tons of good uploads. yes it was december of 2008. They featured his footage on UFO hunters although he himself wasn&#39;t interviewed. Cool guy, tons of footage

  9. last night over limerick myself and my cousin saw a very fast moving aircraft not a human one, it was travelling at an enourmous speed and was all green with a blue flashing light, moving up and down simontaniously, it was a very paranormal expierience to me as i am a pilot and know for a fact any human made aircraft could not move this fast even pushed to top speed., please comment on this if

  10. May 16 1988 Good article on what i witnessed.<br />I witnessed over penkridge the green triangle. Moved faster than anything i have ever seen straight up in the sky. Mr friend carl hardiman was in the car with me. Next day the sun had an article saying dozens of cars stopped on the m6 after witnesinf this amazing ufo. Came up in parliament as well. Why is this incident not more

  11. This was not filmed above Ireland. Youtube’s dede95064 filmed this footage above Fremont, California and uploaded it onto youtube on 5 Dec. 05 2008 – see along with other night vision clips put on youtube. I sent him the Sun article with its fake info when it came out back then, in 2011 I believe it was.

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