Lightship recorded in early January

“Since it is the first time on GLP this year I want to say Happy New Year to everybody on GLP!
I will begin the year with what I think is some pretty good footage of what is maybe the best evidence of a Lightship I have personally seen.
Harrison had the video sent to him, and for those that have been following his investigations, you will know he finds or has sent to him some rather interesting material for debate.
Now this is in HD wmv format so you can get a real good look at this UFO – OVNI, OZN, you would be forgiven for thinking this is a ROD but I feel this footage is as far from a ROD as anything I have seen.
You need to pause this video as the vehicle moves across the sky, as you can see how this UFO works and leaves a trail in the clouds… (Hmmm black contrails???)”

Author (terreaterre13 @ youtube)
Most recent Latest UFO sightings. Rod EBE. Aliens. Cigar Cylinder shaped ovni.

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