Two amazing UFO videos from Cardiff

Latest UFO sighting – Two great UFO videos from UK hotspot Cardiff, Wales recorded yesterday (January 30, 2010) after 6 pm.

Video 1: Two UFOs appear linked

“Yes i also captured the 2 ufos tonight before the triangle of ufos. These are the ones that appear linked by the speed and constant distance apart and i see and film these on a regulare basis at home in Cardiff.”

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Video 2: UFOs in triangle formation / Triangle UFO

“Wow had a brief spell with the optics tonight and spotted a triangle of ufos which i have filmed previously on 2 other occassions. Yes before you ask, it was taken by me at home in Cardiff UK as are all my other videos.”

Author (ruderob11 @ youtube)

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  1. i saw already…but it turn to stealth mode so fast… that its look like vanish from my eyes… but im sure that was there.. like they know when we can see them…

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