UFOs over Malaysia

Recent UFO sighting – UFOs over Malaysia recorded on 1st January 2010.

Most latest UFO sightings. ovni light bright balls in the sky – Asia. Amazing. nlp

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  1. i was saw same object at melaka,malaysia on midnight 7th day of chinese new year.distance i and this object on 1900 m.(i not sure the ditance)<br />i and my friend thik is the aeroplane.but i talk him why aeroplane was the lamp around it and it shape sphere likely fire ball.it moving fast.sorry i not time to take video because i will shake.3 days before. i saw the black object shape circe from

  2. Are You asking &quot;Is it an Unidentified Flying Object? Of course it is, since it remains unidentified. Probably you are another victim of the mainstream medias: UFO=aliens!!!

  3. Im also witneses the bright object similar to the one that you just captured. I did not have camera as the one you having, which today at 21.41pm malaysia time(26/08/2010) im staying at high rise building 18 floor and saw this unusal bright lights. I thought that it was the plane make it turn to reach KLIA but it wasn&#39;t. And this bright lights stood there ín its position without making any

  4. i heard that the tv3 news said that on february 15 i think they spotted ufo above bukit bintang? why cant i find anything about it?

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