Egg-shaped UFO over New Mexico

Latest UFO sightings – Egg-shaped metallic object photographed over Roswell, New Mexico on 13th February 2010 at about 5:30 pm.
Is this sighting linked to Lonnie Zamora case which also happened in New Mexico in April 1964?

Link: Lonnie Zamora case @ Wikipedia
“Sighting of UFO in skies over Roswell
I was walking along Main Road, Roswell, on my way to find some dinner. I was walking in the direction away from the heart of Roswell.
At approximately 5.30pm I saw an object travelling through the sky which at first I thought to be a balloon. It seemed to be as small or maybe a touch bigger than a ballon but as it came nearer I noticed it was not a balloon. It appeared greyish/metallic/aluminum in colour and travelled at a good speed in a straight line though with a bobbing/rocking motion.
I took two photographs with my camera on full zoom. The camera is a Canon PowerShot S200. I could only take two quick snaps as my battery had died and I did not have a charger.
Any idea what this could be?”
Author (source: mufon)

LUS 2010 – Most recent UFO sightings. LUS2010 new UFO footage. ovni.
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  1. this photo is realy interesting. even Erich von Däniken wrote 50 years back that the best shape for travel thru space is egg or ball!

  2. I saw an egg shaped UFO back in May of 1995.<br />It was very similar to the one you are describing. It was a silver/aluminum metallic color. The one i saw was hovering in the middle of a pond Near Clovis, NM. I got about 100 yds from it then it shot straight up in the air, made a 90 degree turn and headed North-West. It was very fast and out of sight within a few seconds. Im guessing it was

  3. I saw a UFO on the night of Aug 28 2010 in Albuquerque, NM, near Coors and Montano. At first I thought it mught have been an airplane, but as soon as I thought that, it made some figure 8 movements then stopped. Once it started moving again it moved in and S pattern torwards the ground then shoot straight back up. It was about 3 miles from me and about 1/4 to 1/2 mile up from the ground. I knew

  4. on 5 may 2011 my friend and i were on my way to alton towers staffordshire england when i saw and egg shaped very shining id say shinig like a mirror object in the sky which suddenly just disappeared.

  5. In fall of 2009 I saw a silver egg shaped ufo speed by. It had a black rim? Small wings or fins or something around the sides and was about the size of a van. It was in Portland OR at the top of a hill during evening rush hour traffic. By the time I got to the intersection I couldn&#39;t see it but there was a huge flat black helicoper hovering near where it would have passed. There was traffic

  6. UFO seen on the border of the Navajo Nation (the New Mexico-side)<br /><br />Time of sighting: around 5:15 pm<br /><br />Place: Tohlakai, NM October 26, 2012 <br /><br />UFO description: Egg-shaped, silver, looked a bit gray. Shinier than that photo. Very similar. <br /><br />What it was doing: Flying south, along Highway, 491, formerly named Highway 666 (The Devil&#39;s Highway). Kept up with

  7. On Dec. 15, 2012 while my husband and I were on a cruise in the Caribbean (We had just left Grand Turk and Caicos). We were sitting quietly on the balcony of our room (which was 3 levels from the top, so we were up pretty high) We were looking at stars, when from above the ship, heading out towards the open sea – an egg shaped object flew directly above us. It was probably the size of an oak

  8. Fall of 2007 around begining of Oct looking south on rout 10 headed east the time was between 3;00 and 5:00 pm. Nearing the continal divied in Mexico.
    My friend and i were looking at somthing that was mind blowing huge. It was kinda egg shaped but more oval on the ends and was at least 5 to 10 thousand ft off the ground on left side of the mountains. But it looked more dirty like bronze color and never seen a object quite like it my friend took pic of it but and ya thers always the but the phone he took them on was lost for whatever reason. So there it is my first time talking about it ever since 2007…

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