Latest UFO sighting over Niagara Falls

Latest UFO sightings – Strange lights were recorded again over Niagara Falls – Ontario, Canada. This footage was filmed yesterday – Sunday, 21st March 2010 at 7:54 pm and it stayed there at least until 10:30 pm before it faded out. More info in the video.

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  1. Dude, I love my UFOs, but this is clearly not one. It is clearly 4 spotlight beams rotating. It is one of those spotlights used for promotions, like outside of old-school movie premiers. The "flash" is when the four come together, and are concentrated to form a brighter light. You can even see the beams coming up from the ground near that Ferris Wheel.

  2. i dont know if you trying to make people think its a ufo or you actually think its a ufo but its definitely just spotlights from the ground

  3. The SPOTLIGHTS PASS by and hit it. It[s not the Spotlights you[re not even looking at the right thing. Do some more RESEARCH before making a stupid comment as there are MANY video's on this thing out there. This is not even a good one., just 1 of about 15 at least video's

  4. can u pls tell me the park's name?? im doing this 4 my niagara report and i need more than 3 unusual stories so i rly need thiss!!!

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