UFO objects in the sky over London during volcanic ash

Latest UFO sightings – Strange objects were recorded in a no fly zone in  the sky over London, UK during volcanic ash on Friday and Saturday (16th & 17th April 2010).

1st part; Friday, 16th April 2010
 I had my eyes on the skies tonight and I noticed a couple of strange objects. The first one you see I thought was a star but it was the only one visible in the night sky which I thought was unusual. The second is an object floating across the city which then seems to fade away. The odd thing about all this is that tonight is a no fly zone in London because of the Volcanic ash coming over from Iceland. My guess is that the first object is bright star and the second could be a Chinese lantern perhaps?
UPDATE: I have now been informed that what I thought was a bright star is actually Venus. I am still unsure about the second object I seen but tonight I seen two more of them, I am uploading the video now.
2nd part; Saturday, 17th April 2010
For the second night running I have seen objects in the sky. I captured these two spheres. Interestingly these two objects appeared in almost exactly the same place as yesterday.
Author – Kevin A.

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  1. I seen 3 similar things today around 17:00hrs from Richmond in Surrey. Was lazing around after picnicing and saw one light which I thought was a star and it then seemed to move 90 degrees plus clockwise and then out of my vision. The second one the same about 2 mins after and the third came the other direction about 10 mins after.

  2. Hi,<br /><br />I too saw a very strange looking bright orange &#39;illuminous&#39; large glowing ball in the dusk sky, over Rainham, Essex, last Saturday, April 17, 2010 at exactly 21:25.<br /><br />I thought at first a UFO and then I thought a Meteor with all of the recent sightings of Meteor activity.<br /><br />Whether it was a UFO or a Meteor it disappeared or burned out respectively.<br /><

  3. I video the same thing lastnight in my back yard in RI it moved had different colors………now i wonder what it really is

  4. i seen the same thank only i was in brean nr western super mare…and the same night a photo was taken of five ufos in tamworth at the same time …

  5. i live in Leyton, London and i saw some kind of ball passing over ASDA in Leyton at the same day. It was weird and i thought that we are not alone.The video is not fake and it&#39;s nice that someone made a video of that ball.It was too close and it was not a plane or a helicopter or a satellite. The light was very bright and was too close for a satellite !!!

  6. Hi guys, just found these on here after 5 months of me filming them! I actually shot another object the next night which was much closer, you can see all the videos on vimeo at the link below. I have never seen anything like this since the event, thanks for posting them up here!<br /><br />http://vimeo.com/kevinadams/videos

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