UFO activity filmed over Houston, TX

Latest UFO sightings -UFO activity recorded over Houston, Texas on Saturday, 24th April 2010.

LUS 2010, 4/24/10 most recent UFO sighting reports and evidences. Real UFOs on net.

Filmed in the Art district in Houston, TX.
From what we could tell the lights were coming from the downtown area and were all moving at the same speed and direction. This was going on for about 30 minutes before I was able to start filming and they all stopped by the end of the video.
There was an international festival going on downtown the sam rel=”lytebox”e weekend, but this was filmed at about midnight, so it seems a little odd they would do some sort of “light show” this late at night.
The camera I was shooting on can’t handle low light situations, so I apologize there isn’t a frame of reference of some sort. You can’t really tell from the videos, but the lights were moving at a fairly fast pace across the sky, and would eventually fade away at the same spot in the sky.
Author (Fistfulloframen @ youtube)

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  1. We are in Athens, Tx (about 70 miles SE of Dallas) and on April 24, 2010, at about 9:30 pm we saw and filmed many silent moving objects in the sky that were all heading from West to SE, about 20 or more, moving across the sky at a speed of say a helicopter, but there was no sound at all, they were cylindrical shaped and red colored with a white light underneath the red. Our camera/ movie did

  2. Fist – if you havent, could you please file a report with MUFON? MUFON is currently investigating this sighting. You are not the only one who saw this. I was on the phone with a witness as it was occurring (new one for me). Seems from some of the descriptions that there was more than one craft being seen at the time. I will say the thing that was seen in Athens at 9:30 was seen in Houston at 9:45.

  3. Five of us met this weekend (April 24th) in N.Texas<br />for some C5 working group contact. We had a prayer, then meditated and as<br />we meditated we vectored the ETs to where we were sending intentions of<br />peace, love and help for Earth, then started playing crop circle sounds. <br />Then we staring taking photographs and videos with night vision devices. <br />We had an EMF with us but

  4. I was in Austin the night of April 24th and saw a triangle shaped object with 3 yellow/whitish lights on each point in the early morning hours of the 25th. I saw it coming and thought it was an airplane. It was silent and hovered above me for a few seconds before I even realized what I was looking at. It was so close I could make out the details of the lights and I could clearly see the

  5. I would like to add that I have never felt more scared when I saw the triangle shaped object in the night sky. I have always watched ufo shows and always kept an open mind but until you see it then you can truly believe it. I am not a religious person but it has made me question my personal beliefs. I have been replaying what I saw over and over and I know what I saw was real. I don&#39;t

  6. Kristi – could you please go to MUFON.com website and make a report. With all the sightings in the area, we are trying to get a time line.

  7. This is Fistfulloframen, the person who shot the video.<br /><br />This video was shot much later than 9:30. Sometime closer to midnight. <br />I had a gig in Houston, which is why I was there, and apparently they starting appearing sometime during our set. Sometime between 10:15-11:00. As soon as our set was done people were telling me to run outside because there were some lights flying around

  8. We are in Athens, Texas too. We saw the same 20 something flying objects in the sky on April 24th. The objects pretty much flew directly over our home. There was no sound, they moved fairly fast, and appeared to be somewhat low in the sky. They were cylindrical in shape (I&#39;d say they resembled the shape of a paper lantern) and they had a flickering, flame-like light in the center of them. I

  9. i just want to see if anyone seen lights in the sky of houston last night.5/2/10. we seen them around 9:30 or 9:45.thanks

  10. I dont know if anyone saw lights in north texas near denton, tx around 7 am, on 5-1-2010….it was just like the video…it was a bright object that faded in and out and then out of nowhere just disappeared.

  11. I Live in north Houston and I saw strange lights moving around on the west side near Jersey Village and Tomball, nothing like plane or helicopter …different, left to right, up and down, sometimes is one, sometimes are more than 2 or 3… Just lights like stars but moving a lot, flashing lights and moving constantly. I have seeing them last year (August) and now at the end of April and yesterday

  12. I&#39;ve recently seen this thing on my way home from work just outside of houston in Katy around 10:05 PM<br /><br />I had a visual of it for about 20 seconds before I lost sight of it as it went out of view behind some houses.<br /><br />It was moving at a relatively slow speed, similar to a helicopter and seemed to be heading northwest of houston. This was my first real UFO sighting and it

  13. I don&#39;t know how to report a sighting so I&#39;m going to comment. I want to start by saying I was a non believer of UFO sightings until last night at around 9:00 pm in staffor Tx I had just arrived home with my kids I put my daughter in side and my 1yr old son who had just discovered the stars went out side it was cloudy last night so there wasn&#39;t much to see we looked NE I know b/c I

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