Another triangle UFO recorded over Eugene, Oregon

Latest UFO sightings – A great number of UFO sightings happened in the last few days and here’s one more recorded flying silently over Eugene, Oregon on Monday, 3rd May 2010.

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  1. This is the U. N. sanctioned inner space/outer space ship. It's not a ship but it is so much bigger than any plane it's hard to classify it. Not a UFO this is a earth made ship with MAJOR ability.

  2. the first "ufo" in the video looks identical to something i saw hovering over a house on 18th street in eugene in the summer of 2010 (10:30pm). the only difference was it had a reddish light in the center, and the three white outter in a triangular formation. it didnt make a sound and was only about 30ft above the house. i was so suprised and shocked by what i was seeing i didnt have it

    • On 18th!? Really!? That happened to me just last night at 12:11 pm. Saw 3 of them. At 18th and Garfield. March 15, 2014

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