Cloaked UFO over Fort Mohave, Arizona

Latest UFO sightings -“Cloaked UFO” was recorded over Fort Mohave, Arizona on Wednesday, 19th May 2010.
In this video we caught A very strange craft that seems to be cloaked at first i thought it might be a bug or out of focus but that turns out not to be the case as you can see i flashed my laser and IR light at it it seems to change direction a couple of times and flies to graceful it seems to get more solid right before flying off also at the end you can see it fly behind some telephone wires so that right there tells me it something else!!!
Author (ufowatcher5150 @ youtube)

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  1. does anyone else see those 2 white dots towards the bottom left hand corner.they do not move,only with the camera.

  2. I live in ft.mohave & in 2006 i was camping onthe river north of avi casino bridge & i saw what looked like round orbs floating above for about 5 mins.then it quietly took off going south. It blew me away. I thought ” no one & im mean nobody’s gonna believe me. Couple years went by & started reading about all these siteings around here. VERY CREEPY MAN !!! Makes you wonder what else we don’t what’s out there.

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