Lake Erie lights are back!

Latest UFO sightings – New footage was recorded over Lake Erie near Cleveland, Ohio by Eugene Erlikh on Tuesday, 4th May 2010.

Lake Erie Lights Are Back on May 4, 2010! Do You Think These Are Planes?
In this footage, you will obviously see Venus in the picture as the highest light, also the brightest.
There is also a star or a planet to the upper left of the video.
These have been identified correctly.
During this night, at pm around ºW facing the Lake from North Pointe in Euclid, Ohio, USA, multiple unknown illuminations were appearing in pairs over the Lake, seeming to be “dancing” or showing off for viewers.
They came out in pairs a few times, which explains that there is no way they are commercial planes, because there would not be enough time to clear the runways for incoming traffic.
Also, the fact that these objects are appearing in pairs and switching locations with each other, making extremely dangerous aerial maneuvers.
Amateur self-declared experts such as Thomas Wertman with MUFON, say that these are consistent with aircraft traffic.
Yet, the FAA, who is much more credible, has released statements regarding the unknown illuminations over Lake Erie saying that
they do NOT coincide with incoming aircraft traffic,
that the light patterns are different,
and that absolutely no air traffic controller has been tracking these lights.
These lights have not been landing nor taking off from any airports near here.
Cleveland’s Action 19 News investigated the matter by contacting all the three airports near my location: Burke, Hopkins, and Cuyahoga.
All Cleveland airports have stated that these objects were not being tracked by air traffic control, which means they were not incoming or outgoing planes.
The proof is all here, the videos, the investigation, the obvious attempted “debunking.”
Look at these videos for yourselves.
These are the raw videos uploaded directly from my Sony Handycam with 40x optical zoom.
I have not edited any of the videos, I have not enhanced any of the colors.
What you are seeing here are unexplained illuminations making formations that modern commercial aircraft are completely unable to do.
Now ask yourself, are our planes playing musical chairs around each other every clear night over Lake Erie?
Author (Erlique @ youtube)

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