Larry King Live: Are Aliens a threat?

Larry King Live: Are Aliens a threat? (30th April 2010)
Extraterrestrial life debate

Are Aliens a Threat?
Could space aliens be out to get us? Stephen Hawking thinks so and he tells Larry and you why! And, what he thinks an alien would look like!
If extraterrestrials could be a danger to us, as Hawking suggests, should we stop trying to contact them? Dan Aykroyd and others (Michio Kaku) debate! 

Note: All 3 parts of the show are avaliable in this player!

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  1. It is a well known fact that the satanic global cult of Illuminati are pushing for a false flag alien invasion, and this has been known for well over 60 years.<br /><br />Now in an infinite universe, why the hell would anyone invade our tiny spinning poo ?.<br />Only someone with the xenophobic mind set of a control freak, an illuminati member would be so paranoid and so small minded that they

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