Triangle UFO recorded over Manhattan, NYC

Latest UFO sightings – Triangle shaped “plane” was recorded over Manhattan, New York on Monday, 24th May 2010.

[quote]UFO PLANE with VANISHING LIGHTS 5-24-2010 nyc
OKK…. Nice night last night for sky watch’n.. Nice and clear. This sucker caught my eye coming in from the EAST. Mind you, its heading directly over MANHATTAN.. not one airport in site downtown. I noticed it because the lights on it were very intense and super bright. (no noise also) As I watched and record, the lights on the UFO begin to vanish. It started with 5. When I record, it has 4, then 3 and finally 2. Very creepy. Rule out landing gear lights or take-off lights because again its OVER MANHATTAN. A plane leaving JFK or LGA would of had the lights set already by the time it passes by Manhattan. en-joy.
Author (vik456 @ youtube)

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  1. that is an airplane my friend. and the third light didn't disappear it just lined up with the right side light and looked like one. i see these all the time and sometimes you can't hear them this is true. now i'm a believer, i just don't think you caught anything other than a plane with the new brighter lights we now produce. take care.

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