Another video of UFO activity recorded in Italy

Latest UFO sightings – Italian UFO wave continues (link)! This daytime UFOs or Orbs were recorded in the sky over San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia on Saturday, 19th June 2010 at 3:30 pm.

Witness report: I was in my room at my computer reading emails. I just happened to look out the window and saw these strange spheres floating in the sky.
At first sight I was thinking they were birds, but soon I discovered that the shapes was too circular to be birds.
The objects were moving from west to east, just over my head with an angle of 70° north. They soon went into a cloud and disappeared.
It was not possible to see the end of the cloud from my window, so I ran to the balcony to film them coming out the other side, but I never saw them come out the other side, they seemed to just disappear.
I took some photos after a few seconds as proof of what I’m saying.
Two minutes later, two planes passed in the sky from north to south and another one from south to north. The last one also seemed to disappear in the cloud.
I waited for about 10 minutes, nothing else happened in the sky.
I never heard anything unusual, saw no birds, etc., in the sky. Also there was no wind.
I am sending along video and photographs. The photos were taken after all the activity was finished.

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  1. They look suspiciously like wedding balloons. It was a beautiful Friday in June, after all. Just because there was no wind on the ground doesn't mean there wasn't any up higher.

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