Triangle formation filmed over Wisconsin, The States

Latest UFO sightings – This footage of triangle UFO was recorded over Wisconsin, USA on Sunday, 20th June 2010.

U.F.O. filmed at closed county park in Wisconsin. It came in just above the tree line, approximately 70 feet off the ground. It flew across the field, towards the beach area, while I videoed through the tree tops. If you listen with the volume up, you can hear me moving the camera the lens cover tapping the side of the camera, and the wind blowing. Whatever this was, it makes absolutely no sound of any kind. As it gets closer, the lights seem to change shape through the tree tops, then it simply disappears. Has anyone else seen anything like this?
Author (ranrenner @ youtube)

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  1. Yes,have seen something similar over Florence,N.J. on July 12,2007 around the times of 10-11:00pm,it was my aunts birthday and we were all sitting outside on the deck,and watched it hover over us,it was the size of 2 city blocks long.It had 2 red roving lights under it turning inwards and the outwards,it too had no sound.maybe someone has seen this too.Also,the next evening 2 smaller versions

  2. Saw one of these following the back edge of a storm last night,and got a good view when the lightning flashed!Crazy

  3. We were near merrillan, wi in 2010 on atv trails when we stopped for break bout 10pm? We noticed a low flying object with 3 white solid lights slowly moving west to east. there was no flashing lights that would indicate it was any kind of (known) military or civilian aircraft. We were in the middle of nowhere and this object did not make a sound of any kind, even though it was low enough that

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