Clearest ever alien footage stuns UFO researchers

That’s the title of the article on and here’s the text:

A UFO and ET related event that might have a profound effect on the course of history took place around two weeks ago in Alberta, Canada. A farmer in a rural area heard unusual noises coming from outside his house. He managed to get hold of camera and filmed what might be the most conclusive footage of an alien released to the public.
The footage (see below) was uploaded onto YouTube and is now being studied by UFO researchers worldwide.
The witness who calls himself ‘Mr Beehat’ writes about his experience and the video:
This footage was taken at around eleven or twelve at night in rural Alberta on June 7th 2010. A few days prior to this, me and my brother had been hearing noises from the yard at night and thought we had seen something out the window, so we decided to keep a camera handy in case it happened again. As you can see, the footage we captured shows a tall creature with a strange manner of walking. It had quite large hands with three fingers each and appeared to almost go completely invisible at times. One of the strangest features of this being was it’s almost metallic looking skin.
UFOs are commonly seen in Alberta. Real or a clever UFO/extraterrestrial hoax? What do you think?

What do you think of this video?

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  1. oh for heaven's sake. they did it better in SIGNS years ago. whatever makes us think that 'aliens' would be bipedal upright things anyway. We are OBSESSED as a race to see others in our own image,

  2. @Alan Wilson<br />&quot;they&quot; don&#39;t look like us, we look like them, becouse they created us! like it says in bible, in &quot;there image&quot;

  3. so fake looking, why didn&#39;t they follow it outside?<br />not al aliens look like the ones that created us humans.

  4. Fake Name &quot;Beehat&quot;as there are no family names of Beehat in North America. No expression of &quot;What&#39;s that?&quot;or &quot;Hey you stop there!&quot;or calling his brother. Cameraperson didn&#39;t try to chase the subject and how did he count the fingers? The subject continued to walk towards the camlight and then bolted. Fake name means fake video.

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