Triangle ship filmed over Pine Bush, New York

Latest UFO sightings – Some kind of triangle ship was recorded in the sky over Pine Bush, New York on Tuesday, 8th June 2010.
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  1. Thats a C-5 Galaxy out of Stewart you idiot. You should thank the Air Force, not Orion. I lived for many years near Stewart and no a C-5 when I see one. What a jack ass……

  2. Yeah, it's a C-5 Galaxy. You can even hear the engines. I most certainly believe that there's life out there, but you need to learn to be more skeptical about what you see without attributing it to extraterrestrials. If your ET BFF wants to see you, I'm sure she'll make an appearance on the ground and then you can film that without the Double Rainbow commentary.

  3. thats no C-5 Galaxy you jerk offs! the craft in this video is making no sound at all! C-5's make a horrendous sound. whatever this thing is it's positively within the category of unconventional and unusual since its making not a sound.

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