Two triangle UFOs photographed over Joshua Tree in California

Latest UFO sightings – This photo was allegedly taken over Joshua Tree in California on Wednesday, 16th June 2010. Those triangle UFOs were hovering in the sky for aprox. 1 hour.
LUS 2010, most recent UFO sighting reports, evidences and proofs. Real UFOs on net from north America, The States, USA. 6/16/10. TR-3b – tr3b triangular formation
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source: mufon
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  1. In 1996 my friends and I, illegally camping on I10 near Wiley's Well Rest Area saw ONE of these things LOW to the ground (a few thousand feet off the ground) silently, fly over us. It was the size of a city block. It's the only UFO I have ever seen. The lights, in the distance, tilted then folded in an impossible manner before being eclipsed by a far ridge. There was traditional craft (

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